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In the Silence

In the Silence - Short Story Presentation

Jascha Mascarenhas

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of In the Silence

In the Silence - By Peggy S. Curry
Short Story Presentation
2. Types of characters - Who is the protagonist, the antagonist? Is the protagonist dynamic or static?
Pay Attention! Some of these question may be asked during the next part of the presentation!
3. What is the conflict(s)? Was it resolved at the end of the story?
5. Identify any instances of irony or foreshadowing.
4. Identify any metaphors, similes, or personification. What effect do they give to the story?
6. From which point of view is the story told? Why does the author choose to write from this point of view?
7. Identify any instances of imagery which may pertain to all five human senses.
8. What are the mood and/or atmosphere of the story? How does the author effectively create such effects?
Simile #1:
"Loneliness was in him, filling him like a bitter food he couldn't digest"
(Curry 194-195).
Simile #2:
"It was like listening to his mother talk when the sea was rough and the fishing boats were in danger"
(Curry 195).
Metaphor #1:
"Silence dropped over him in a smothering cloud"
(Curry 195).
Personification #1:
"The bold, brassy blue sky mocked him"
(Curry 195)
These literary devices make the story more realistic when they would compare it with something/someone in real life.
This story has been told in an omniscient point of view. This is probably because the author wants us to get the basic gist of Jimmy's thoughts without being biased. It is written in 3rd person, with a god-like perspective of the story.
Jimmy faces 3 main conflicts throughout the story.....

Man vs. Man -
His uncle forcefully makes him go into the wild

Man vs. Nature -

Jimmy had to protect his sheep from, coyotes, horses, and eagles

Man vs. self -
Jimmy saved the lambs by exchanging the silver brooch (which symbolized his childhood)

The author has used some irony in certain parts of the story.

The brooch is valuable to Jimmy since it represents his childhood memories which makes his uncle think he is still immature.
But Jimmy fools the thief that the brooch is precious because it has been cursed and it can only be bargained for and sacrifices it to save the lambs.

"Frosty blue eyes looked down on him from under the heavy red eyebrows"
- sight

"Smoke and fragrance of coffee"
- smell

"Sweat broke out on his body"
- touch

"He wakened to the thunder of horses' hooves"
- hear

"He felt and overwhelming desire of candy"
- taste

Mood/atmosphere: Mystery

The reader did not know that what problems Jimmy will encounter, and how he will resolve them since he was all alone.
Jimmy took control of every situation smartly and maturely, which was something the reader might have not expected.

By: Group #6 - Jascha, Daniya, Anupriya and Bikram
1. The plot of the story
Going to stay alone in the mountains!
No sheep harmed
Attack of the horses & eagles
Arrival of a thief
Jimmy McDonald - 14 year old boy (who always carried a brooch with him)
Angus Duncan - Jimmy's uncle ( a sheep herder)

Jimmy's uncle tells him he has to take the sheep and manage by himself for 2 days.
Mountain with coyotes = DANGER
Luckily, no sheep were killed
2 lambs had DIED
Instead of man vs. nature, it came to...
Jimmy made a big sacrifice to save the sheep
Uncle Angus sees that Jimmy's struggles have changed him.
Uncle comes back!
Helps Jimmy out
Protagonist: Jimmy
Type: Dynamic

Antagonist: Angus, horses, eagles, coyotes & the man with the gun
Type: Static

Jimmy McDonald
Angus Duncan
Sheep Herding
Jimmy's work is to herd sheep in the summer time.
He fights many times for his sheep and endures many attacks by predators.
Gives his precious brooch to complete his job given to him.
His Uncle is glad that Jimmy has learned to live.through difficult times.
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