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History Notes: Summary

History Summary...

Yusuf Sheybow

on 23 October 2009

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Transcript of History Notes: Summary

History Notes: Summary Aboriginal Peoples: The Population was about 100,00 but some lived on reserves For Example: Ruperts Land. Vancouver Island & British Colombia: British Columbia is made a colony in the year 1858 after some gold was found and a growth in gold seekers , and B.C united with Vancouver island in the year 1866. North Western Territory: So most people who live there
are aboriginals who get visited by fur traders since the 16th century.
New Founland: Population is about 122,000 with people who live in small fishing vilage which is on a coast and they use boats to travel along the coastline. Most of the pop. ,ive in St.Johns. The Maritimes: The population is 311,000 with people who live in a small community of farmers (colonists), in Nova Scotia City (halifax whicjh is important for its Commercial Center. New Brunswick Population is 252,000 poeple who live among the St.John river with mostly forest. Price Edward Island its population is about 80,000 the people who live there are the majority of farmers and fishers. Ruperts Land: Hudson Bay Company Land which was a royal character in the year 1670 so they now have the right to trade. Inhabited by Aboriginals and fur traders. The Red River Settlement: Made in 1811 by a man named Lord Selkirk and people who are in the settlement are scotish immigrants. In the 1860s the population grew to about 12,000 which is 87% and who are metis with aboriginala and European herritage. Canada: Was the largest colony in all
British North America which was divided into
canada East, Canada West. The Canada West were
english speaking and protestants. In Canada East the majority of people are french -speaking and are roman catholic, it is divided by language and religion. Work Done BY Yusuf And B.K
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