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Underwater hockey

No description

Victor Gaultier

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of Underwater hockey

the underwater hockey
the underwater hockey
see you underwater

the underwater hockey is also called octopush or subaquatic hockey. This is a game played as its name indicates it under the water. It looks like the « normal hockey » ( field hockey or ice hockey) but the sticks are smaller (no more than 35 cms long). Exept the sticks, it's played with a swimwear, a mask, a snorkel, fins, a puck, a hat, gloves and a goal
the equipment
the rules and history
this is the end
Octopush has been created by Alan Blake in 1954 in England. At the beginning, it was played with diving bottle and a stick measuring 1.50 meters.
In 1980, every federation decided not to use any more the diving bottle and to shorten the stick.
- there are two teams of 6 players who play in a swimming pool
- the objective is to put the puck on the opponent's goal.
- Underwater hockey is a no contact sport unlike rugby, however, there are many accidents especially at the mouth .
Famous players
Alan Blake: he created the underwater hockey in 1954 and was a great player.
Kendall Banks: this American player was born in 1958.In 2006 he participated to his 14th world tournament
Taylor Benson: this player has given his name to a sport feint: the Benson
Thomas Grossin : he was world champion in 2008 and won 3 times the European tournament: once with the French team and twice with his club.
Marie Peigné : She was twice European champion and third at the world championship in 2006
An important part of the games takes place underwater so the spectators can:
world tounament
-Be on the swimming pool with a snorkel and fins.
-Be outside the swimming pool and watch the game with aquatic camera and a big screen. It’s often used for important tournaments.
let's go!!!!

1980 Vancouver, Canada
1982 Brisbane, Australia
1984 Chicago, USA
1986 Adelaïde, Australia
1988 Amersfoort, Netherlands
1990 Montréal, Canada
1992 Wellington, New Zealand
1994 Grand-Couronne, France
1996 Durban, South Africa
1998 San Jose, USA
2000 Hobart, Australia
2002 Calgary, Canada
2004 Christchurch, New Zealand
2006 Sheffield, Great Britain
2008 Durban, South Africa
2011 Coimbra, Portugal
Underwater hockey
1. The game
2. The equipment
3. Video
4. Picture
5. Famous players
6. Spectators
7. world tournament
8. End
1. snorkel and mouthguard
2. hat with earguards
3. mask
4. fins
6. puck
5. sticks
5. Rules and history
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