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The 13 Colonies

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on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of The 13 Colonies

American History
Articles Of Confederation
The Constitution
The 13 Colonies
America all started with the original 13 colonies before there was a democracy or any other type of Government. The 13 colonies were classified as different group such as the New England, the middle, and the southern colonies. Each Colonies was founded fro different purposes.

The first attempt to develop a government started with the Articles Of Confederation, but soon failed because this type of government restricted government officials to enforce laws and also had a lack of leadership, economic organization, and had legislative inefficiencies.
Executive Branch
As of today, our democracy
consists of three branches,
the Legislative, Judicial, and
Executive Branch's.
The Executive branch's
main job is to pass or veto
laws, the head of this branch
would be the president.
Legislative Branch
The Legislative branch consists
of of two houses, the Senate and
the congress. Unlike the Executive
branch which pass's or veto's laws,
the Legislative branch makes the
Judicial Branch
New England Colonies
The New England Colonies were founded mainly for religious freedom and often associated with puritans and pilgrims.
Middle Colonies
The Middle colonies were founded mainly for religious freedom and economic opportunity, The common religious group associated with these colonies is Quakerism.
Southern Colonies
The southern colonies were founded mainly for economic opportunity and to get out of debt, the main religious grou associated with the southern colonies is Catholics.
The judicial branch's main
role in society is to govern
all the other courts in America,
the main court of this branch
would be the Supreme court.

throughout society, there are many different types of government. Each Government serves as a different purpose in society.
Government types
An Autocracy government
is a form of government
in which a country is ruled
by a person or group with
total power. An example of
this type of government is
North Korea, because Kim
Jong un ruled his people.
A democracy is a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting. An example of this government would be America, because the people of America elects
their own leaders.
An oligarchy is a country,
business, etc., that is controlled
by a small group of people. An
example of this government is the
Military Junta in Africa

An authoritarian government
expects or requires people to
obey rules or laws : not allowing
personal freedom. An example of
this type of government is the country of Australia.
An totalitarian government is a
centralized control by an
autocratic authority. An example
of this government is North Korea


a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed.
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