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HokieBird by Logan Davidson

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of HokieBird by Logan Davidson

HokieBird by Logan Davidson
Final thoughts about my god
My god is the ultimate god of the world he can do anything from stopping crime to helping people from 100 miles away he is the best god in the world
God or Goddess of
My god HokieBird is the god of speed it can run faster than any other living thing in the world.
Other Strengths
He can also breath under water for a long period of time so he can escape danger when he can't stop it.
Other Strengths
He also can't be burnt by fires and he can get shot but it won't do a thing to him so he is pretty much can't die. He can only live for ever
Family Connections
Hokiebird is the secret pet of Zues so he lives in a under ground house cause no one can know about him
He can run down any criminal in the world even if they are in some sort of a run away car.
My symbol is a Usian Bolt running after something cause it compares to how fast my bird really is way faster than the him!
His saying...
For those who have past and for those to come reach for excellence...
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