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Our groups nomination for "the best scientific achievement i

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amber deschamps

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Our groups nomination for "the best scientific achievement i

Our groups' nomination for the best scientific achievement in the last century is......

The 3D printer
Best scientific achievement of the last century
3D printing
Genetic engineering
Artificial intelligence
But how does it work?
1. The printer is given a blueprint of the object to print

2. The software breaks the object down into thousands of tiny layers
3. It then prints the object from the bottom up with melted plastic and metal, layer by layer
4. These layers glue together and they build up into a whole object
How it works:
But how can we develop this technology?


We picked this as a winner because of the possibilities it could bring to us in the future and the potential it has to make its competition redundant by simply being able to print things needed for that field. With time and funding it's uses are quite literally limitless to the point of printing clones!
The creation of post-injury equipment, like Amanda Boxtel's 3D printed exoskeleton will allow people previously unable to walk, due to paralysis, regain the ability to move again and live an easier life
Research into printing bone skin and, muscle stem cells will open up an entire new dimension of medical science. The thought of simply printing replacement limbs and organs is much more appealing then donating them
Using 3D printing, the production process of any object or item is made are easier and more accessible when compared the the common procedure. For example, with 3D printing there is no shipment required, you simply send the virtual blueprint and the production happens there.
This reduces travel distances and therefore also fuel expense and the cost of paying drivers, and people say online shopping is easy.
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