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Life of a Knight

Knights from the middle ages

Sam Lefkowitz

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Life of a Knight

How the knights lived and trained Life of a Knight At age seven a boy from a royal family starts
his training as a page in hopes of becoming a
knight. The boy gets trained to ride horses, use weapons and wrestle. At fifteen, the page is promoted to a squire now, he's one step closer to becoming a knight. He continues with the same training but now he also serves a knight. The squire takes care of the knight's horse, armor, weapons and other things the knight may ask. The lady of the house teaches him how to sing, dance and learn manors. Squires also learn how to play chess. SQUIRE PAGE To become a knight a squire has to prove himself in battle. The night before he is knighted he has to pray and fast. After the next day he goes to the castle to be knighted by the king. After being knighted by the king the knight has to take an oath. The oath is called the code of chivalry. The code of chivalry says that knights must be brave in battle, they have to keeps their promises, defend the church and treat wealthy men with grace. KNIGHT
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