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CLEP Testing at Shepherd University

No description

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of CLEP Testing at Shepherd University

CLEP Testing at Shepherd University

The College Board’s College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has been the most widely trusted credit-by-examination program for over 40 years. This rigorous program allows students of a wide range of ages and backgrounds to demonstrate their mastery of college-level material in introductory subjects and earn college credit.

Participation in CLEP contributes to a
more effective educational environment
for all. By accurately placing prepared, engaged and motivated students, CLEP helps create a more dynamic classroom experience and increases retention rates.

CLEP exams are developed by more than 600 college faculty members across the country from two-year and four-year institutions. CLEP exam content and standards are recommended by the
American Council on Education (ACE)
Capable students who take CLEP advance faster into upper-level courses, giving faculty the opportunity to
focus on students who truly need introductory course work
Students earning credit through CLEP
outperform their peers in subsequent courses
and tend to complete their degrees at a higher rate than students who do not earn credit-by-examination.
Students who earn credit through PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) have better academic outcomes, particularly in terms of
persistence and graduation rates
, than non-PLA students.
Source: College Board
CLEP Testing at Shepherd University

Who is taking CLEP at Shepherd?
Students from a diverse group of majors, including CIS, Elem Ed, Music, Communication, Nursing, Business, Econ, ENVS, Chemistry, Psychology
Students from all classes, but mostly juniors and seniors

What exams are they takings?
Biology, College Algebra, College Composition, Spanish, Marketing, French, Natural Sciences, Management, US History
Why are they choosing CLEP?
To meet prerequisites for more advanced courses, especially in Math and English
To progress more quickly in degree program
To fulfill credit minimums for graduation or foreign language requirement
What are they telling us about the exams?
Most students felt the exams were much harder than they had anticipated, but felt they were able to adequately prepare using CLEP study materials.
Most said they would take another CLEP exam if needed/available.
How are the exams administered?
Students submit a registration form to AAC with a receipt from the Business Office showing they have paid the
$20 registration fee
Student selects
testing day
and time
Student creates account on College Board and
purchases exam, $80
, and brings exam ticket to AAC on testing day
Exam is proctored online over 90 minutes and
student receives scores immediately
Official score report is received by Registrar's Office in about two weeks, longer for College Composition exam
Know what CLEP exams are accepted at Shepherd and how those courses apply to our Core and your Majors/Minors
Discuss CLEP with advisees, especially when student has prior experience in subject (AP class, work experience, personal interest)
Consider CLEP exams as options to decrease time to graduation
Advising Tips
CLEP exams can't be taken if a student has previously attempted the course and earned a D/F/W grade
CLEP exams may not be repeated within three months of the testing date
Shepherd is an open testing center, meaning students from other colleges, High Schools, homeschool, military, may test with us
Testing days are published online, however individual exams may be scheduled as needed
Accommodations for disabilities are available, and must be arranged in advance
Financial Aid is not available for these exams, Military students may have $20 registration fee waived
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