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The Lord of the Flies

No description

Brandon Duster

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of The Lord of the Flies

The beast represents the supernatural, all the people on the island have fear instilled in them from their imaginations running wild. They are listening to all the sounds of the island and freaking themselves out. They encourage each others fears, even though they know deep down inside that there is no beast.
Man Vs Self Conflicts
The Beast
instills fear upon the boys
lets Jack use the fear of it to gain followers
is evil
Simon is the only one that believes that they are the beast
is mistaken for the dead parachutist
is what the island revolves around
leads to violence
shed civilization for savagery

The Lord of the Flies

“What I mean is... maybe it's only us.”
(Golding 96)

Analyze the conflicts in the novel. How do the conflicts reveal insight in the Character, and theme.

Man vs. Self
Man vs. The Supernatural

What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?”
―(Golding 98)
The predominant themes in William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies is man vs supernatural and man vs self.

The analysis of the novel shows that civilization on the island begins to affect ones morals and the supernatural instills fear upon society
Man vs. Self
Man vs. Supernatural
The type of conflict that occurs within one persons mind.
emotional or mixed feelings
Examples of Supernatural in the Lord of the Flies
This type of conflict occurs when a person vs. a greater power that cannot be controlled.
Examples: Gods, spirits, monsters, THE BEAST etc.
Pig head (Lord of the Flies)
The "Beast" takes over the island (fear)
Simon believes the beast is within us
Jack is the leader of the hunters. He becomes glorified the more power he gets. This may be caused from being in charge of the choir boys, or Jack could have a problem with his personal life that causes him to enjoy being on top in any ways necessary. (Example: Picking on Piggy.)
How would the conflicts on the island differ if it were only girls on the island instead of boys, and how would this affect their perception of the beast?
Ralph is the leader of the group in the beginning of the novel. Ralph strives for a democratic society during their duration of isolation. Ralph slowly beings losing power to Jack and his tribe, causing Ralph to slowly give up on himself.
Simon's innate goodness comes out in his actions. Simon is described as a Christ like figure helping others, but also himself. (Example: Recovering Piggy's glasses, sharing meat with Piggy.) Simon enjoys going to his bower to reflect on himself in a meditative state. Simon and Piggy are the only children who understand what the beast is.
Man vs self,
conflicts in Ralph
Ralph was the leader he was a good leader. Once everyone started leaving his tribe to join Jacks he thought of giving up. He was morally good he didn’t understand why the boys turned to such a blood lusting group of people, but that changed he almost just let Jack become the leader and he understood that the evil is within and his own struggle with the natural evil in everyone when he kills his first pig and starts chanting and singing and helped with the accidental killing of Simon. He struggles with himself in multiple ways like to give up being leader, to not turn to his evil nature, his emotions when he finds out he helped unintentionally kill Simon, and his emotions when the naval officer comes and he weeps because he truly understands the evil within everyone including himself.
Man vs self, conflicts in the general with people on the island:
They all were originally normal civilized people from the upper class they were proper British school boys but they immediately have conflicts with each other and with themselves because they have to make decisions they never had to before. They had to decide leaders, they had to decide to build shelters and keep a fire going or hunting most chose hunting and when they did that they either started or ended a conflict within them on whether they stay civilized or give into the bloodlust and the natural evil. They talk about having order in the beginning then as they got closer to the end they became less civil and more savage like, some took longer for the savage side to come in because they held on longer to their civil ways.
Belief that the Beast came from the sea
What is the Supernatural?
Ralph does not believe in the supernatural and tries to reassure the littluns that there is no beast.
Piggy has the same logic as Ralph does except he tries to tell Ralph that it is okay that they killed Simon because they were afraid.
Jack also does not believe in the supernatural but promises the littluns that they will hunt and slaughter the beast and that then they will be safe.
Simon is the youngest of the four yet he is the most spiritual and wisest of them all.
As Ralph and Piggy are both the smartest, they are not the wisest and not innocent of anything. Even though they made it seem like they were not scared of the beast they still attacked Simon when they thought he was the beast. They are clearly scared of the beast and they had the blood thirsty instinct just like everyone else when they attacked the beast, which ended up being Simon. We belived that Piggy is more bloodthirsty than Ralph because even though he doesn't like Jack, he still wants to impress him with his bravery.
By: Brandon Duster, Ryan Guerriero, Josh Ferrusi, and Dylan Sweet
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