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2014 BOC Annual Report

March 12, 2015

Jenn Wright

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of 2014 BOC Annual Report

Volunteer Hours = 1500

To manage the Grass River Natural Area, conserve and protect its watershed and provide opportunities that increase knowledge, appreciation and community-wide stewardship of the natural environment.

The Grass River Interpretive Center
Immediate Goals for 2015
Antrim County
GNRA, Inc.
Partnership since 1969
Public and School Programs
Upland Trails and Boardwalks
Engaging Youth Through Experiential Learning
program participation - Up 23%
"My third grade team took a day field trip to the Grass River Natural Area and we were blown away by your great education program, leaders, naturalists, and by the knowledge that our students gained."
3rd Grade Teacher, Elk Rapids
Public Programs
School Programs
Special Events
Looking Forward Building Capacity
Education Plan
& Evaluation
New for 2015
to meet and sustain mission of
“providing opportunities that increase knowledge, appreciation and community-wide stewardship of the natural environment”
Potential for community involvement and a year-round presence:
library programs
in-school programs
community events
volunteer recruitment
New in 2014

Administrative Team
Build capacity by
core administrative team

Administrative team that can accomplish both
educational and executive
tasks to meet and sustain our mission
Education Director
Programming, Education Committee, Supervision, Volunteers, Exhibits and Interpretation, Giftshop, Grants
"I enjoyed the active participation in a
environment and the
patient, passionate, and knowledgeable
naturalists. I thought the entire day including each session and each naturalist, was extremely
well prepared
. Thank you all very much for a well organized day and for contributing to the
active learning
of our students."
4th grade teacher, NC Academy
"Connecting this trip to our PYP unit was a huge plus and it went so well with our central idea. All activities were educational for all and highly engaging. The guides were engaging and knowledgeable and overall learning occurred everywhere. Well done!"
Volunteer Involvement
GRNA, Inc. 2014 Financial Position
Capital Campaign
2014 GRNA Conservation
Grow revenue
Community support
Volunteer base
Effective ambassadors
Budget vs Actual
Annual Appeals
change in net assets = $100,000
TR, grants, R, In-kind donations
87K vs. 132K (2013,2014)
34.5K vs. 50K (2013, 2014)
grants - 22K vs 57K (2013, 2014)
re-engaged lapsed donors from capital campaign
worth of hard work and precious time
Current & future supporters
Vital to our sustainability
volunteer hrs
accrued - 2014
- Over 3,140 participants in programs
(23% increase)
Over 5,450 visitors to GR Center
(14% increase)
Over 700 students from 4 counties
2,874 contact hours
Earth Day

Autumn Fest


All new equipment for School

Programs funded by grants from the
Council of Michigan Foundations,
R.E. Olds Foundation,
and the
National Association of Interpretation.

used for new funding and
grant opportunities
to sustain the program.
meet the
need for environmental education
in Northern Michigan
potential to become an
and resource center for the region.
How does our community describe us?
Grass River Natural Area, Inc
2014 Annual Report

very productive

GRNA, Inc. Organizational Structure
Education Director,
James Dake
Anne Drake
Arlene Westhoven
Natalie Lindsay
Jenna Minish
Franny Bluhm
Facilities and Land Steward,
Jeff Dalton
Executive Director,
Haley Breniser
Office Manager/Bookeeper,
Shelly Neuman
Community Outreach &
Volunteer Coordinator,
Brad Gerlach
The sweet sounds
of spring @ GRNA...
One example of why we work
so hard to protect this
ecologically significant
riparian corridor...
Can you name that frog?
5,451 visitors - GR Center
15,000 total visitors
overall donor contributions - Up 52%
revenue from grants - Up 160%
1500 volunteer hours accrued = $30,000
2,874 contact hours accrued - school programs
active conservation and stewardship committees
year-end appeal - Up 45%
"... In the 15 years that I have lived in Bellaire itself I have been able to visit both from the river access and from the road. This last year I have spent more time than ever before volunteering. Always a place to treasure the peace. Lucky to be able to visit... Thank you for keeping it going and paying it forward for all of us to enjoy."
-Joy Cowles
"Our family has been to Grass River most weekends since discovering it a few months ago. With two kids under 3, it has proven to be a place that works well for all of us! The nature center offers warmth and endless entertainment for our kids before or after our hikes. We've enjoyed a handful of presentations and a story hour there as well, and have been impressed with each so far! The staff have always been welcoming and more than willing to answer any questions for us, too! We love the varying trail distances as we can tailor our family hikes...I love that we get a chance to be active as a family, teach our kids about the incredible beauty and peace of Northern MI, and that we have access to all of this for free at GRNA!
- Tiffany Vande Kopple
Home School Programming
7.5 miles of trails, 1.3 miles of boardwalk
2014 GRNA Stewardship
2014 GRNA Stewardship
800 hrs
Fulfill action plan for Rotary Charities grant
Fulfill action plan in Fund Development Plan
Assess infrastructure @ GRNA and estimate replacement timing/costs
Offering GRNA Summer Camp
Expand reach to Homeschool groups
Raise $13,000 in sponsorship for 9th Annual Benefit Concert success
Engage county commissioners in ANCA Peer Consult
April 24/25th
Visit us on new website and on Facebook
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