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English 9 research social issue project.

Adam Carceller

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of NASA

The Space Program
What's Necessary
A Long , Long Time Ago..
Here's the Money
Robotic Missions
Nasa should continue manned
missions with space shuttles
to make further discoveries.
"Plans to send a manned mission to Mars
were rejected in favor of developing a
more modest space shuttle program."
" Nasa has also spent two years developing
the heavy-lift rocket and crew capsule necessary to perform deep-space mission,
such as the Rendezvous with an asteroid."
"The total proposed NASA budget for Fiscal
Year 2014 is $17.7 billion.
"In effort to keep up with the Soviet space
program, NASA was incorporated into a new
agency that shifted focus from airplanes
to rockets and space shuttles."
I believe NASA is working on robotic missions
more than on manned missions.
"The budget blue print says the $78 million
would develop needed technologies and study
alternative approaches for a robotic
mission to Rendezvous with
an Asteroid."
Our space program believes that a robotic mission
would be more useful than making a new space
shuttle. This could be true since there has been no
manned missions since early 2011. I think they
might continue a ban on manned missions
due to the need for robotic missions.






No Go to Mars
" For every dollar spent by the government, cut
a penny in half. That's what goes to NASA."
"On 20 July 1969, NASA achieved what is
generally recognized as it's greatest
accomplishment. Project Apollo astronauts
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the
first humans to walk on the surface of
the moon."
Robots Over Shuttles
Sited Sources
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