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The Role of the Library in Developing Digital Scholarship on Campus

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Erin O'Meara

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of The Role of the Library in Developing Digital Scholarship on Campus

What is digital scholarship? Where does the library fit in? From Oracle ThinkQuest http://library.thinkquest.org/J002558F/habitat.htm content provider tool developer broker of services/
consultant coordinator grant PI or member How does the library develop its service model? archive for old projects prioritize remove silos and converge build relationships Is the service model clear to the user? clear access points keep users in the loop align with strategic goals audio & video data workflows standards storage but most importantly... and... and nurture existing ones all along interdisciplinarity
knowledge & the service of society
excellence in scholarship, teaching and service university library improve the user experience
provide digital content, tools & services
develop new research and teaching partnerships
enhance library spaces how do our resources work together? how do our access points interact? or defining our role prioritize services
use technology efficiently
build & nurture relationships
keep it clear & simple
elegant access point complex preservation
activities build a cohesive program out of projects digital representation of knowledge Relationships help define services based on faculty needs digital tools & services for scholars study of digital
information & culture The Role of the Library in Developing
Digital Scholarship on Campus presenting other formats
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