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Ancient Chinese Environment

No description

Cammie Cherbel

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Chinese Environment

Ancient Chinese Environment Landforms Ancient Chinese culture first developed among hills, valleys, and rich fertile plains There are huge mountain ranges and deserts to the west.
These influenced the development of ancient China.
What kind of borders are these? the hills and plains of China were home to large farming communities Bodies of Water Two of the world's longest rivers are found in China. The Huang He (Yellow River) Chang Jiang
(Yangtze River) Today... Located in Sanyou Cave (above the Chang Jiang River....
a RESTAURANT!) --> "Sanyou Restaurant" Snow melting in the western mountains and heavy winter rains cause rivers like these
to flood in China.

They have caused millions of deaths throughout history Climate Since ancient times, the climate of China hasn't really changed...

What affects climate?
- how high up you are from the sea (on a hill or a mountain..)
- nearness to bodies of water
- winds Central and southeastern
hot and wet in the summer,
cool and dry in winter

Southern China:
stays warm and humid
most of the year

Animal Life In ancient China, animals,
birds, and fish were hunted, raised for food, and kept as pets Many animals that came from
China are now found in other
parts of the world. Vegetation Thousands of kinds of plants come from China. However, it is difficult to be sure what grew in different regions before the land was farmed.

The plants in warmer climates are very different from plants in colder and drier regions Lychee fruit rubber tree rice field bamboo forest cotton field
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