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Writing Your Cover Letter

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monica rodriguez

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of Writing Your Cover Letter

Now that your paper is finished, let's reflect on your process.
This prezi will help remind you of some of areas to consider for your cover letter
Use your greenbook reflections to help you remember what you were
thinking when you started this paper

What about when you sat down to write...

Think about some of your behaviors.

What time of day did you write?

When you edited your paper, which patterns did you notice?
Which prewriting technique did you choose for this paper?
Why do you think that strategy worked?
This Prezi along with your greenbook reflections will help remind you of the work that you have done on this paper. Use this Prezi to help you write your cover letter reflection
When you received comments from peer review, what worked for you? What did your peers notice and how were their observations different from your own?
Finally, when you finished your paper,
how did you feel? What was your confidence level with the final draft?

Remember, for this cover letter assignment, focus on those areas that were most significant in your writing process.
Click below to see some samples:
Where did you choose to write?
What types of materials did you have nearby? snacks, notes, music, etc?
Did you write notes by hand, or open a new writing document?

How much time and effort
do you feel you put into this paper?
What other factors outside
of class might have contributed to
the outcome of this paper? Consider
your other classes, personal life,
work schedule, etc.
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