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CTSS CPA (NICHOLAS 36 3A3)computers and productivity

No description

nicholas ching

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of CTSS CPA (NICHOLAS 36 3A3)computers and productivity

what is artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence or AI is a relativety a new branch of science which aim to create machines that can find solution to complex problems by them self. The use of robots in industrial process Robots are use because of a production line that has many steps, it requires a large number of people to do them.Thats when the robots comes in robot can do things faster better and can mass produce thing in a short amount of time. COMPUTERS AND PRODUCTIVITY WHAT IS A PROCESSOR ? A processor is a part of the computer that follws instructions and carries out action. it is like the "brain" of a computer benifits of using a computer/robots There are some advantages of using robots :
robots can work at fast speed, products are made in a shorter time
robots are accurate and consistent, comsistency and qualityof the products can be ensured
workers do not have to be exposed to dangerous conditions.
Draw backs of using robots robots have to be maintain which cost alot
robots cannot do any thing elese exep for what they are program for. Publishing and print industries We have seen that computers are used to automate processes in various industries.

publiching is the activity of puting information in the ublic arena

printing is part of publishing. it is an industrial process for the production of text and images with ink on paper using a printing press. postal mail sorting computers are used in mail sorting more than you know. the computers in mail sorting are dising to read the ID tag and then sort them in there respective places How computers are used in airport As the volume of air traffic increased computers were slowly rope in to perform job. cam puteres at the airport have help us keep track of planes ,trips to othere contrey, guide air planes and many more. computers in automate processes computers are used to do job by themself in steps such in fractorys and common places like the the automate doors at your neer by shopping mall. how computer can improve life computer can improve life in many ways and some have improve life already, computer have help some blind people see again with experimental products. computers have made life easy for us like the iphone for one and mabey in the future car can even drive themself. camputers at home computers are in your house in places you would find them like your iron,tv and many more. computers have impact socisty in many ways. for one like facebook,twiterand many more. computers in society computers are limited in the things they do. if a computer is used to guide planes you cannot expect it to do some thing else. computers are limited in the thing they used
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