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Parents Should Not be Punished for Kid's Behaivor

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Selena Tran

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Parents Should Not be Punished for Kid's Behaivor

Parents Should Not be Punished for Kid's Behavior
The kid is the one committing the crime/ having the bad behavior, not the parent.
The parents should not be punished, instead they should be the one to punish their kids.
It seems unfair to lay all the blame on a parent, because in most cases a child begins to express their personal rights and demands from the moment of birth so for some children with aggressive tendencies, no parental input can necessarily overcome them; they can only help modify them..
If a parent can be held financially liable and damages recouped, then the responsibility is on them.
Children should know right from wrong; if they commit the crime they should have to face the consequences.
Yes, the parents is held responsible on teaching their children. But it is up to the child whether to listen or not.
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By: Amanda Folluo & Selena Tran
Other people will argue that parents should be punished for their kid's behavior because they are the ones teaching them how to act, but it is the children that make the decisions for themselves, not the parents.
Yes, the parents influence the kids, but they don't make the decisions for the kids.
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