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Tanglewood Case

No description

gary strong

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Tanglewood Case

Turnover/Reasons for Leaving
Job Satisfaction Surveys
Who's Leaving And It's Cost
Exit Interview Survey
Low survey results

Survey only relates to specific stores

Subjects include: work satisfaction, supervisors/management, and pay/benefits.

Given to
“I came on board because I thought Tanglewood would be a different type of retail chain; you know, a place where people worked because they actually liked what they did. But for people like me who are working in a store that used to be run by Mirabelle, that old culture of command and control is still there. It’s too much of an uphill battle to make employee participation work here.”

-Store Manager, New Mexico
According to Heneman (2011), “exit interviews are formally planned and conducted with departing employees.” They should also “be conducted by a neutral person within the human resources department” (pg. 691).

Exit interviews conducted by regional managers

Questions were broad
Section 6: Interview

Salimah Muhammad, Interview Process Manager

Tanglewood Case
Rapid growth

Lack of vision and goals

Competitors offer better pay and benefits
“My new job pays me $10,000 a year more, and I can get my whole family on my health plan for free. From my point of view, that’s a real no brainer.”

-Store Manager, Northern California

“As much as I love it here, I just can’t pass up a job that pays 25% more per year to start in the high tech industry. I also think it’s just time for me to try out some different work”

-Assistant Manager, Western Washington
“I would stay if Tanglewood would help to finance my MBA. But I know they won’t, and I know that my new employer will.”

-Assistant Manager, Arizona

Pay attention

Match competitors

Consider reimbursement for graduate students

Active communication

Consider post-exit online interviews

Change exit interview/ job satisfaction survey

Selection/Decision Making
Section 8: Retention Management
Section 7: Selection/Decision Making
Gary Lock,
Selection Manager

Gary Strong, Retention Manager
Detailed selection plan

Which KSAO’s are not measured adequately

New interview questions

Scoring key for each question

Major KSAO Categories:

Ability to follow oral directions/listening skills

Judgments/priority setting/decision-making ability

Oral and written communication skills

Ability to attend to detail and accuracy
2 Tryten iPad Kiosks for $299.00 each location

Proctor Marshfield Applicant Exams and Marshfield Customer Service Biodata Questionnaire and Essays

Applications, exams, price checks, and product locators
Accurate predictors of future performance is past performance in similar situations

A good selection plan contains predictors

Critical to carefully scrutinize past situation before selecting an applicant
Score key for each question

Responds to pressure

How quickly they can resolve issues

How they resolve conflicts amongst employees

Their leadership from previous jobs

Can you tell me about a previous experience that you consider as being one of your greatest accomplishments in your career?

Can you explain how you addressed a customer that became upset and displayed behaviors of frustration with your employee?
Can you tell me about a previous experience which lead you to discipline or terminate an employee?
What would you do if one of your employees were accused of stealing merchandise from Tanglewood?
How would you handle an employee if they were habitually late reporting to work everyday?
What would you do if an employee expressed feelings of being uncomfortable working at Tanglewood due to experiencing sexual harassment in the department?
Salimah Muhammad
Interview Process Manager
Gary Lock
Selection/Decision Making
Selection/Decision Making
Develop detailed selection plan
Develop assessment scores based on several multiple predictor methods

Develop a panel of individuals who will be involved in the final selection decision with interviews

Develop a standardized “Official Guide to Selection” for all Tanglewood stores

Selection/Decision Making
Selection Plan
Selection/Decision Making
Assessment Scores
Hire a Store Manager for our Flagship location
Selection/Decision Making
Selection Panel
Selection/Decision Making
Official Guide to Selection
Selection/Decision Making
Gary Strong
Retention Manager
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