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No description

MacKenna Ivey

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Animals

Reptiles are cold blooded animals. They're vertebrates. Reptiles are born in eggs. They have 7 body parts including 4 limbs, tail, head, and torso, but the snake has 3 body parts. Reptiles live in tropical, dessert forest, and many other places. However they don't live in the Arctic. Reptiles are covered with scales. Reptiles are both herbivores as well as carnivores. A Maureen Iguana is a herbivore.
Shall we dive in the sea?? Look at all those fish! We're not actually in the ocean, I was just kidding!! But we can still learn about fish. We don't have to be in the ocean. Fish are cold blooded animals. They're vertebrates. Fish are born in eggs. They have 7 body parts including 4 fins, tale, 2 gills, and a head. Fish live in oceans, lakes, and channels. Fish have scales and some have skin like the shark. SCARY!!.He's going to kill me!! Right he's not real. I knew that. In all, Fish are omnivores.
Did You Know?
Did you know that dolphins and whales are not fish, they're mammals. A group you could call dolphins are porpoises.
a skeleton on the outside for these arachnids. Arachnids are insectivores and carnivores.
By MacKenna Ivey

Did You Know?
Did you know that the arachnids group is not very big at all. It really only includes spiders and scorpions.
Lot's of protein right there. I dare you to eat one when ever you can. Insects are cold blooded animals. They're invertebrates. Insects are covered in an exoskeleton. Insects are born in eggs. They have 12 body parts including 6 lags, head, and . They live in warm, and medium temperatures. Insects are covered with segmented skin with 3 parts. Insects are omnivores.
I hope you liked this colorful prezi.If this information is not enough for you, go on the websites below for more information.
Kid's Corner - Animal information, games and more!
Amphibians are cold blooded animals which means that their blood is the same temperature as the climate around them. They're vertebrates because they have a backbone. Amphibians are born in eggs. Amphibians have 7 body parts including head, main body part, tail, and 4 legs. Some amphibians live in water and some live by water. Amphibians are covered with slimy scales. Amphibians are Omnivores.
Mammals are a group of animals that don't lay eggs. But the platypus is a mammal that lays eggs. They are warm blooded. They are vertebrates which means that they have a back bone. Mammals have 6 or 7 body parts including head, 4 limbs, torso, and some have tails. Mammals really live anywhere. On land and not many but some live in the water. Mammals can have hair and fur. They are omnivores if you count all of the mammals.
Arachnids are cold blooded animals. They're invertebrates. Arachnids are born in eggs. They have 10 or 11 body parts, including 8 legs, an abdomen, and a cephalothorax, some have a tail. Spiders' legs are in the front of them not on their abdomen. They live in desserts, by water, and in average temperatures. Some arachnids are covered with hair and also chitin which is what a exoskeleton is made of. An exoskeleton is like.
Wood Peckers
Wood peckers are fascinating animals!! Wood peckers are in the bird group. They can be gray, brown, black, red, and white. Do you want to know a cool fact? Wood peckers peck at wood an wood's hard, so to not get headaches, wood peckers wrap their tounghs around their skulls and that locks out vibrations from giving wood peckers headaches or even cause death.
Birds are warm blooded animals. They are vertebrates. They're hatched from eggs. They're covered with feathers. Birds are omnivores. Birds live typically in any kind of weather. Birds have 6 body parts head, beak, 2 legs, and 2 wings.



Hey I'm here to tell you about humans. Yea we're humans, but maybe you might not know some things I'm going to tell you.
Mammals are what we are!! Instead of burrows or snow caves we live in houses.
Family trees are you and you ancestors tree. The newest members of the family would be at the top of the tree and the oldest at the bottom.
People grow up and get married if chosen. They also have the choice to have kids. But don't forget the house
Most people decide to get a career. Keep working the, because the more you work the more money you'll stash!
The paedophryne is a frog. It's the smallest frog in the world! Don there is the frog we're talking about. If you couldn't tell, it's sitting on a dime.
Spitting Cobra
The spitting cobra is a reptile. Spitting cobras are snakes that spit very poisonous venom. The venom can kill animals and even humans, but they don't usually go for the human.
Ice Fish
The ice fish is one of the worlds weirdest fish. Ice fish live in the Arctic waters. They live more at the bottom of the ocean.
Black Scorpion
Black scorpions are very poisonous animals. It's odd that the smallest black scorpions are the most poisonous.
Crickets are insects that are very musical. The music they play is with their legs. Male crickets are the only ones that churp.
I hope you'll enjoy this prezi that's about the classifications of animals! Animals are amazing things!! I hope you'll find out as much as I did.
Thanks For Watching!!
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