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Synchronized Swimming

No description

Laiana Jundi

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Synchronized Swimming

Necklace for a Synchronised swimmer by: Darrell and laiana 8A Keep in mind. Task: The Local Jeweller of Dubai has requested for several specially designed pieces of jewelry and wants to employ Laiana and Darrell , they both have a scientific background , that will assist them in the design process. The local jeweller gave us a list of jewellery choose from:a necklace for a synchronised swimming team, a trophy or shield for the winner of a chemistry competition, ring to be worn by a gardener or a colorful bracelet for a young teenage girl
Laiana Materials we are using to make necklace We have chosen a necklace for a synchronised swim team. When designing the necklace we have to keep these points in mind:
1. That the material has to be waterproof
2. It has to be simple and small, because they cannot swim with a huge chain for the fact that they may be weighed down
3. The necklace has to be short,because we don't want the swimmer to drown
4.The necklace has to represent swimming.

Darrell 1. Rubber Chain
2. Silver
3. Dolphin pendant ( Aquamarine Gem)
4. dolphin pendant (silver) Why did we choose those materials We chose silver, aquamarine and rubber to make the necklace. We decided to use rubber because is non-absorbent meaning that the wearer will not be weighed down as much because the rubber is not absorbing the water in to make it heavy. We chose silver because it is a light metal which is malleable meaning it can be heated at high temperatures to be bent into perhaps a dolphin that symbolizes swimming. We chose aquamarine as well because aquamarine has the same color as the ocean which is a light shade of blue as well as symbolizing the ocean. These are the reasons why we chose the materials mentioned.
Laiana and Darrell -
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