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Friendly Letter Writing

No description

Alice Jokhu

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Friendly Letter Writing

5 Parts of a Letter Time to
Practice! Do you Remember? Heading - first part of a letter. Includes date and sometimes the returning address Friendly Letter
Writing Agenda Do you remember?
How to write a friendly letter
Review and practice
Check for Understanding Greeting - word or phrase that begins the letter, followed by a comma – (located on left side of page under heading); (e.g. Dear, Dearest, Hello, etc.) Body - content of the letter; skip a line under greeting and begin; making sure to indent when starting new paragraphs Closing - ends the letter; comma after word or phrase (e.g. Yours Truly, Sincerely, Your Friend, etc.) Signature - appears under closing; you sign or print name then sign underneath Do you Understand? Please switch your letter with your
elbow partner

Does your partner have all correct
parts of a letter? Now, you will fill out a blank letter Write the parts of a letter on the
highlighted lines Please include all 5 parts of a letter Suggestions for Integration Art- Letters to Artists asking about their paintings
Math- Fundraiser Invitations
Social Science- Activist Letters (Environmental, Political)
Health & Physical Education - letters to athletes

Others – Letters to Santa, pen pals, Letters of congratulation, Letters saying sorry for doing something wrong, asking for information, Letters to family members who live far away, Thank you letters, Letters of appreciation, Letters to newspapers and magazines There are countless possibilities for integration in subjects and modifications can be made to make subject age appropriate for particular grade levels Any Questions? Books for Friendly Letter Writing The links below provide you with an alphabetical list 100 books (ranging from K-6) that relate to friendly letter writing. Many of these books can be useful as a hook or for a way to review the concept of letter writing.

1. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Picture-Books-about-post-mail-letters-PART-1/lm/R2O4KJP0J05EF5/ref=cm_lm_byauthor_title_full
2. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Picture-Books-about-post-mail-letters-PART-2/lm/R38SQA6GVLTU38/ref=cm_lm_byauthor_title_full
3. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Picture-Books-about-post-mail-letters-PART-3/lm/R1PDVIXUWSPZ8R/ref=cm_lm_byauthor_title_full
4. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Picture-Books-about-post-mail-letters-PART-4/lm/R2GH2OJV87RS52/ref=cm_lm_byauthor_title_full Smart Board
Activities 1. Friendly Letter and Business Letter
This Smart-board activity teaches the parts of a friendly letter and a business letter and allows lot of interactive practice. Its easy and fun for students which helps students review for standardized testing on parts of a letter.
- Students will learn the five parts of a friendly letter
- Students will be able to place the five parts of a friendly letter in correct order
- Students will be able to correctly edit a friendly letter

2. Letter Writing
This Smart-board activity allows students to identify parts of a letter and draft a letter to a specific company or person. Once a draft is complete, students are able to write a good copy of their letter on a postcard. Students identify the five parts of a letter which include date, dear, body, closing and the signature

3. Friendly Letter
Students write a friendly letter complete with the date, salutation, body closing and signature. Students will learn the parts of a friendly letter and be able to edit a letter. They will be able to match specific letter parts to the letter and edit letters with errors.
http://exchange.smarttech.com/details.html?id=1353e3ab-7787-4cf1-b886-4e6b1a4da6f6 Please take a moment to write a brief letter either on your computer or piece of paper. You can write to anyone you choose! It doesn't need to be long! Thank you!
You did a Great Job!
Just leave your letter as is! Did your letter have all 5 parts? Mark Arlotto, Alice Jokhu & Samantha Strickland
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