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Tradeshow Displays

No description

Jackie Meier

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Tradeshow Displays

Trade Shows
reasons a business might participate in a trade show
1. show off products or services
2. target a
specialized audience
3. Present new products to industry members in an early viewing
Why do businesses participate in trade shows?
tips for effective, eye popping trade show display design
What are you trying to accomplish?
Finding new leads?
Increasing brand awareness?
Launching a new product?
Or do you want to draw people in, and intrigue them?
2. The six second rule?
Think about it
People visiting a trade show see lots of booths
You only have a few seconds to get them interested in your booth before they move on to something else.
When you are traveling down an expressway, what makes one billboard stand out more than another?
Think about it
3. Read it like a book
Your design elements should be set up to accommodate this
Start with your main point on the top left hand side
followed sub categories
or supporting points
or any other important information!
5. Pose a question
The most effective trade show displays ask a thought provoking question.
Trade shows are the most common type of exhibition design
They focus on promoting a client’s brand
Fast paced, with short deadlines
The process can be as short as two months for both design and build on a large scale project
Decisions need to be made quickly
The life span of a trade show depends upon the clients and the industry
A typical design can last from one to five years
The design’s duration on the trade show floor is limited from three to five days either annually or several times a year
The designs
Need to be adaptable and durable
Need to appeal to different audiences
Need to communicate the message to the audience very quickly
What design elements are
needed for your display?
Images – photos, illustrations, etc. for panels, signage, handouts, websites, etc.
Verbiage – text for your panels, signage, handouts, websites, etc.
Graphic Design for trade shows
Less is More resonates more than ever when creating your tradeshow graphic design.
Resist the urge to put too many words on display panels and refrain from using a bevy of intricate visuals.
The method by which you develop your graphic design should be similar to the strategy used for creating memorable highway billboards
Answer the following questions…
Who Are You?
What Are You Selling?
Why Would I Want to Buy It?
When you develop your tradeshow exhibit design to address these questions (and only these questions), and use striking, yet simple graphics to tell your story, the outcome should be a standout exhibit that delivers results.
Who design the exhibitions?
In general, European trade show exhibitions are designed by architects and are more spatially enclosed
In the US, a typical trade show exhibit is designed by an industrial designer who works for a design-build company
An independent design studio may design between one and 25 trade shows during the course of a year
Independent Design Studios
Their expertise is not generally limited to trade show design
They often have experiences in art, architecture, interior design, lighting,
multi-media and
People are bombarded with displays of all types
Yours needs to stand out from the crowd
How can you draw attention to your display?
Trade shows require a variety of signs
Booth information
Directions – Show Info
Like trade show exhibitions, showrooms are designed to display a company’s products or services
Can function as retail environments, such as Apple’s stores
Designed to last one to five years
Permanent location, unlike trade shows which are temporary
One of the most famous showrooms is the Chicago Merchandise Mart
Showroom designs
Need to be flexible – can include display cases, tables and shelves
Need to be able to be relocated, and changed according to seasons and trends
Need to pay close attention to lighting
This is the Smart Car showroom in New York

The exhibition space uses the Smart Car itself as inspiration

The car is taken apart and put back together in multiple ways to describe aspects of the car
The Suncoast Hotel and Casino Showroom is home to a wide array of Las Vegas shows.
This is a beautiful 500-seat showroom, a throwback to the showrooms of splendor that made Las Vegas famous.
Table seating is provided for a variety of acts including top-name Vegas headliners.
A permanent dance floor and a bar completely surrounding the facility add to the room's uniqueness.
The most advanced lighting and sound techniques are utilized throughout the showroom.
United Tile Showroom
See what's new in stone, ceramic, porcelain, metal, and leather at one of the United Tile showrooms
Showroom near Des Moines, IA offers a wide range of semi-custom, fine quality kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets, including bathroom vanities
Armstrong Cabinets
Konica Minolta
Business Solutions
To promote a successful line of new business products Konica retained Janko Rasic Architects to design a new flagship showroom combined with new sales offices.

The totally integrated design employs a ceiling of flat circles floating between columns, reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wrights’ Johnson Wax Headquarters in Racine Wisconsin.

Flexible lighting fixtures are arranged in rings to feature individual products.
Johnson Wax
Frank Lloyd Wright's design for the Johnson Wax Administration Building in Racine Wisconsin.
Traveling Exhibitions
Almost since the beginning of exhibiting, shows have travelled
For the designer these traveling exhibitions pose a range of challenges:
Practical and technical issues – the exhibits must be packed up, loaded on trucks, unloaded, unpacked, set up and broken down
All this should be done as quickly and easily as possible
They must specify strong, durable and lightweight materials
Finishes must be robust, resistant to scuffs and scratches
Benjamin Franklin:
In Search of a Better World
International Anne Frank exhibition
The traveling exhibition 'Anne Frank - a history for today' was on display worldwide and focused mainly on young people.

From Rimini to Stockholm, from Karlsruhe to New Orleans: the Anne Frank exhibition was on display in more than a hundred cities in 2008.
Telling a Story
The exhibition does not stand in a void, it is integrated into the environment or landscape

The message must be determined and then must be given a narrative with a beginning, middle and end
Is needed to drive the story forward, it can be created using text, graphics or technology. Most exhibitions employ multiple narrative mediums
gives the story its structure. The space must be organized into a sequence that relates to the story and the visitors. It can be arranged by a timeline, theme or hierarchy
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Like the music we celebrate, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is alive with the energy, passion and spirit of music.
The 150,000 square-foot museum features seven floors, five theaters for films, special events and free public programs and ever-changing exhibits.
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