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timothy hano

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Gold

Democratic Republic of Congo
~Second largest country in Africa
~Located along the equator
along the Congo river
~Rain forests
~71 million inhabitants
~vast mineral wealth
~agricultural resources
~energy potential
~one of the poorest countries in Africa
~extensive supply

Gold's Path
End Results
Pros Cons
Many consequences, positive and negative, have accord due to the mining and and trading gold in the Congo. These include things such as child labor, increase poverty, and more warlike behavior between the Congolese and the neighboring countries of the Democratic Republic of Congo, like Rwanda.
- Gold is melted (smelting)
- Shaped into jewelry
-Jewelry is sold to people

- Gold melted (smelting)
- shaped into gold bars
- kept in banks
~many poor people
~taken advantage of by the government
~has been at war with Rwanda about
"blood minerals"
~conflicts over buying and shipping the gold
We Are Here
The Story of Juan Apaza
~ Works in 17,000 feet deep tunnels , in the freezing cold
~he works without pay
~all money goes to warlords on sales
~one day of the month can take any gold he finds, if any
His workplace
The process of panning
Child Labor in the Mines of the Congo
~Many children are forced to work in mines
~hours are terrible and the conditions are even worse
~some get little to no pay
~many are orphaned from different wars and have to work to survive
The Story of Congolese Children Working to Survive
-Child labor
- Many deaths from minds collapsing
- Many illegal mines (people are not being paid well)
-Brings money to the Congo
-Brings tourist
-Provides a job for many people in Congo

12 out of 13 major mines are controlled by armed groups
Democratic Federation for the Liberation of Rwanda

Many are worked by child laborers
Orphaned by collapsing mines

Working conditions are very poor

What is Gold?
~A mineral that is mined in many places around the world
~It has been know about for 5,500 years
~it is used in different kinds of jewelry
~As of 2009, it is estamated that 160,000 tons of gold have been mined by humans
~Price of gold today: $1,379.60 per ounce
Trading Houses
Trading houses are located in places like Butembo and Uvira

Many are operated illegally

Gold can be smuggled easily from mines

Armed groups also control transport from mines to trading houses
Gold that is legally exported pays taxes to Congolese government

The only steps that exporters take to assure the lack of conflict gold in their purchase is a verbal agreement, no actual proof

Said to be one of last steps to find which mines gold came from

Laws preventing exporters from buying gold from unregistered traders are weak

"In 2008 Congo legally exported only 270 pounds of gold compared with an estimated 11 thousand pounds of production" (Enough Project)
Gold from Congo labeled as being from neighboring countries due to smuggling

Many large scale exporters pay police and army to keep operation

Rarely ask where minerals come from

Rwandan government has started to put in laws about lack of knowledge
Transit Countries
Major refineries are in Dubai, others around the world

Crucial step in finding where gold came from

Smelted or chemically processed and purified

Jewelers and Companies
Electronics industry is largest consumer of Congolese gold

Banking and jewelry industries also buy gold

Use Of Gold
helps prevent erosion
and many more ways
Whats being done to stop Congolese problems?
Celebrities like Julianne Moore and Ryan Gosling have been raising awareness

Intel has pledged to use conflict free materials in electronics
Traveled to Congo and educated

Many new organizations about anti conflict materials and raising awareness

GE has also pledged anti conflict material

Phillips, Samsung, and other electronics companies have also began going conflict free

UN is scrutinizing banks that knowingly deal conflict gold
Is this gold
worth all of
the struggles?
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