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What is the niqab and why is Denmark the latest country to b

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James Williamson

on 9 July 2018

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Transcript of What is the niqab and why is Denmark the latest country to b

The Niqab Ban
Explain why the niqab has been banned in Denmark.
Assess whether this is fair.

Should this man be able to go through passport control dressed like this?
What about this woman?
Is it any different? Why/why not?
Do you think it would be fair if Britain banned women from dressing like this?
Write your answer with a reason on a post-it note and stick it on the board.
What do you think would be the fairest way to allow everyone to be equal?
Denmark bans the Niqab!
Read the newspaper articles - choose a number from 1-4 and you will be reading:
1 - Guardian
2 - Independent
3 - BBC
4 - Daily Mail

Make notes of the key things in your article:

What has Denmark done?
Why has it done this?
What has been the international response to this?
Why might someone wear a face veil? Why might they take it off?
Be prepared to make arguments on either side.
Should the UK do the same?
Make a table that says "for" and "against" - odd numbers note down for, evens are against.
Which do you agree with most? Why?
Do you think that Denmark has done the right thing?
Yes No
Exit Ticket
The Niqab has been banned in Denmark because...

This is fair/unfair because...
Key point - by law it is expected that anyone wearing a face veil of any description will remove it if their identification is required.
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