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What is deafness and what are the strategies available to deal with it.

Amanda Ng

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Deafness

Deficiency? What is Deafness? a deficiency or disability? Better described as a difference! Handicap or Disability? A Difference? Some Views: ---------------- deficiency describes a physical lacking; something that has unintentionally been imposed on an individual.
To use the term disability has been said to imply a disadvantage in society or when compared to the "norm"; a hearing impairment that hinders the understanding of speech information. A different way of life relative to people that hear.
Deafness as a cultural group.
Not a disadvantage or a life that is "faulty".
Deaf people do not see themselves as having a disability and are not held back in life. Learn a language!
spoken, signed, or both! Early intervention to help your child accomplish these language milestones! Your child will go through rapid learning and language development your child Sign Language: -------------------- Auslan Deaf Community Is sign language too hard for my child? Your child is capable of learning Auslan! 18 months French toddler signing Auslan ------------------------ Spoken Language: Hearing Aids Cochlear Implants Behind-the-ear In-the-ear In-the-canal Completely-in-the-canal How old does my child have to be? What happens? "I can remember when Thomas' hearing aids were first turned on – we said hello to our little boy and... he had heard us and we felt such joy". - Simone (mother) FAMILY SUPPORT IMPORTANCE OF Where can I go? "As a mum to a baby born with no hearing, I want other parents to know that there is hope. There is a very real grief that parents must go through when they are told of a hearing loss in their perfect little baby... But there is light, and an amazing resilience in children who teach you so much and bring so much to your lives.'' "... the cochlear implants have made a huge difference and the astonishing technology is mind-blowing! ... [they] have radically changed my life, opened up a whole new world of interests, hobbies and potential for me." - Jozef, (implanted Age 3) Testimonials "The operation was a success and only required an overnight stay at the hospital... It's amazing all the things I heard for the first time; plastic bags rustling, key rings rattling, birds singing, footsteps, water running, kettle boiling..." - Annette (severe sensorineural loss at 18 months) "...hope for our daughter's future came as we were able to meet deaf and hard of hearing adults who were leading normal healthy lives..."
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