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SS 9: French Revolution - The Story of Marie & Louis

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Devon Allen

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of SS 9: French Revolution - The Story of Marie & Louis

The story of Louis & Marie
Mr and Mrs Let Them Eat Cake
France on the Edge
A boy, not a King…
He was only 20 when he took the throne.

But he was very shy, very awkward, and a misfit in formal situation.

He was not at all interested in ruling. He wanted to be able to read books and hunt in peace.
Marie Antoinette
She was an Austrian princess and only 15 when she got married.

By the age of 19, she was Queen of France.

She was very pretty and very outgoing, something that would come back to haunt her under the watchful eyes of the french people....
The Deal with Marie...
She was interested in the GLAM and GLITZ of court life

She offended aristocrats with her “superior” attitude towards French manners and courtesies.

She had an
view of the peasants
Built a farm house at Versailles to play make believe farmer…
The Queen of Bling
She loved jewels!
She spent more on a diamond necklace than the annual income of France.
This enraged the people of France!
People were starving & being taxed
to the max!
An ill-educated but opinionated Queen
Strong willed with big ideas, but little education…

She appointed ministers without knowing their qualifications or the requirements of the posting.

She would fire people she despised.
Troubles for the King
He did little to improve the lives of the poor.
This was probably impossible for anyone to fix
France’s laws were different from region to region.Roman Law vs. Local Custom
French wasn’t the only language spoken in France.Breton and German
Troubles Continue
He did not have the support of the poor.
They wanted change!
The Philosophes couldn't understand why nothing was being done. He lost their support.
Marie and Louis were clueless, the peasants were ready to revolt, and Philosophes were ready to help start...
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