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GovServDesJam: Service Design Methods

No description

Helena Sustar

on 12 January 2017

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Transcript of GovServDesJam: Service Design Methods

Collect the Data
The problem
The solution
Cultural Probes
Vox populi
Visit the site
Double Diamond design process
Design Council (2005)
- about the service, the service users, its touchpoints and the interaction and communication between all parts.

- detailed information about the users’ experiences, the various service stakeholders engaged and the identified stages in the user journey and its relationships

- filtering, review, selection and discarding of ideas

- findings of the research from the Discover stage are analysed, examined, defined and refined
as challenges, and ideas

- design-led solutions are developed, iterated and tested

- make prototypes for different areas of the service

- test ideas and improve
Treasure hunt
Modeling networks
customers perceive and experience the service over time
includes several service encounters
e.g. "visiting health care center"
Each service moment is made from number of touchpoints through which the service is experienced (with all the senses)
environments, channels e.g. physical spaces and places, web sites, phone service
objects e.g. signposts, furniture, machines
people e.g. customers, employees
processes, interactions e.g. 'how customers are guided'
Steve Jobs
Customer journey mapping
line of interaction
line of internal interaction
line of internal interaction
line of visibility
line of visibility
customer's touchpoints, e.g. resources, outputs,

preparation actions, invisible for the service provider

interaction with the service provider

interaction with the customer

preparation actions, invisible for the customer

service providers touchpoints e.g. resources, environments, systems, processes, people

Service design tools
Touchpoint cards and related materials http://www.service-innovation.org/tab2/
Atlas game http://atlas-research.fi
Cookbook - Extreme Service Design Methods http://www.hiit.fi/files/admin/publications/other/eXdesignreseptikirja.pdf
Moritz, Stefan (2005) Service Design – Practical access to an evolving field (http://stefan-moritz.com/Book.html)

Other materials
Etnography field guide http://www.helsinkidesignlab.org/pages/ethnography-fieldguide
Examples of service prototyping (http://designresearch.aalto.fi/groups/encore/2012/10/service-prototyping-seminar/)
Cardboard hospital video (http://vimeo.com/46812965)


What is the Value of Service Design? (http://vimeo.com/74102483)
Resonance: Getting to the right idea (http://vimeo.com/74102483)
Jaana Hyvärinen & Helena Sustar
Paper prototyping
Service encounter,
service moment
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
Vargo, S .L. & Lusch R. F. (2004). Evolving to a new dominant logic for marketing. Jounal of Marketing 68, s. 1-17
“Service is the application of competences (knowledge and skills) by one entity for the benefit for another.”

Quite long video




Service Design Tools
Illustrates how customers perceive and experience the service over time
Also considers the phases before and after actual interaction with the service
Mapping current and/or potential future service encounters and touchpoints

Communication map
Service blueprint visualizes the service journey simultaneously from customer's and service providers perspectives.
visualize current or test potential future service process
Service blueprinting
video, animation
What different stages make up the service?
What people are involved in delivering the service and what they do?
What objects they use or interact with?
What spaces the service takes place in?
What information is available to people?
How people involved in delivering the service contribute to the experience?
environment, channel
Affinity Wall
Brigit Mager
experience prototyping e.g. acting
Some ideas for prototyping
physical spaces and places e.g. scenography, scale models
other channels such as web sites, apps, phone service, interfaces & processes e.g. wireframes, use cases, interactive prototypes
objects, products e.g. mock-ups, models
people, processes, experiences e.g. acting, theater methods
Service prototyping
creating, generating and modeling new service features e.g. prototyping touchpoints, systems of touchpoints, service encounters, service journeys and/or service networks
low and high fidelity prototypes >> from quick and dirty paper prototypes to functional prototypes
easy way to introduce and test new ideas - provide common language (e.g. design team, customers, other stakeholders)
can be used as a prop in contextual interview "play out the experience"
Big picture
Larger system in which the service is integrated
Different factors can be gathered analyzed and visualized e.g. politics, the economy, societal trends, technological development, ...
Visual or physical representation of the various groups involved with a particular service
For mapping and analyzing interactions/relationships between different actors/entities (people, organizations)
Internal and external stakeholders
Interests and motivations of each stakeholder
Challenges and opportunities related to the collaboration
e.g. service network, stakeholder map, service system map, service ecology ..
encounter between a customer and a service provider
e.g. "registration", "payment"
make the idea TANGIBLE and TEST it with different stakeholders!
interactive prototypes (apps, websites)
Service encounter,
service moment
Service journey
Service & design
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