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Spanish Project

This is my spanish homework/project

Meredith O'hara

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Spanish Project

Hispanic Heritage Month Project Today we will be interviewing... My Aunt Rose
My Uncle Jess We will do one at a time,
First we will have my Aunt Rose What is your hispanic country? *Mexico Were you born there? *No, I was born in the US but my older siblings were born in Mexico. I was born as the family was making it's way into Chicago from mexico, I was born in Collinville Illinois. My parents moved to the US when I was born, so my family immigrated around the 1920's as I was born in 1923 Which city in Mexico is your parents from? *Both my parent are from Zemora Have you been to Mexico? *Yes, I had gone back to Mexico many times, staring
in 1984. I went back every year and spent time with
Jess's family in Leon Do you speak Spanish? *Yes, I do Was Spanish your first language? *Yes In What ways do you celebrate your Hispanic Culture? *I cook many homelands traditional recipes What Recipes? *Tostados, enchiades, tamales and more Have you ever celebrated a Hispanic Holiday? *I have celebrated both Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Independence Day Now here is Jess's
interview What Hispanic Country are you from? *Mexico Were you born there? Yes, I was born on a ranch in Mexico near Leon How long did you live there? *I only lived in Mexico for my first few years How did you become a US citizen? *I became a US citizen when I joined the US
army. Did any interesting things happen there? *yes, I changed my name, legally from Jesus to Jess Have you ever gone back to Mexico? *yes, i went back to visit my birthplace and meet met
some reletives, I was so moved by the expirence that
I brought back some dirt from my birthplace. Hola!
to our hispanic
Interview! Do you speak spainish? *Yes Is Spanish your first language? *yes, it is Do you have any favorite memories? *yes, when i went to my birthplace and
was having tequila with my reletives How was it in your birthplace? *I was very moved by the expirience, that I brought
home some dirt. Also they did not have indoor pluming, it
was just a room outside, a chair with a hole in it is what you used, when you were done you moved the chair and cleaned up your mess... ...that first visit, they also had milk in those big milk cans on the back of a donkey. Jess and Rose currently live in Arizona, where they retired, They are both married. They both live in the same house together along with my 2 cousins. I hope you enjoyed my little presentation! :{)

Thank to all that helped with the project!

Happy hispanic heritage month! Adios! Your host is ME, Jade!
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