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Copy of Bread of Salt Plot

No description

Brendon Samson

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Bread of Salt Plot

Rising Action
Their English teacher announced that members of the class might exchange gifts and Albert felt fortunate.
Pete told him a secret and that
Falling Action
Main Characters
Albert Spalding
Pete Saez
Don Esteban
Minor Characters
Maestro Antonio
Mr. Custodio
his aunt
Around December
He went often to Pete's house for rehearsals although his grandmother told him to mind his work at school. Secretly, he wanted to buy a brooch for Aida, but he couldn't choose any. At this time, his letters for her hadn't been written.
One day, Albert's aunt and her children went to their house for the holiday. Seeing Albert's violin, she remarked: "What do you want to be a musician for? At parties, musicians always eat last." The remark hurt him.
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