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Prisoner B-3087

No description

Samantha Campbell

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Prisoner B-3087

Alan Gratz
Author's purpose
The author’s purpose in writing this piece was to tell the story of young boy named Yanek and his survival through the holocaust.
Type of Work
Prisoner B-3087 is a fictional book based on a true story.
The first 60 pages Yanek is in the Jewish ghetto in Kraków, Poland for 3 years. After this he goes through 10 concentrations camps, a salt mine, and two death marches.
Prisoner B-3087
This book is about a young Jewish boy who lost his family and fights for his life and his humanity during the holocaust.
Point of view
The point of view is first person. Its told through the eyes of Yanek.
The theme of this story is a Jewish boy trying to survive through the worst experience he has ever been through in his life.
An important image/symbol would have to be the tattooed arm that read “B-3087”. This is an important symbol because this means he has no name he was officially just a number to the Nazis.
Personal Connection
Yanek and I are around the same age from when he first went into the concentration camps. While he was describing it I was imagining what it would be like if i were in the camps.
What I thought was most striking was when he learned he Uncle Moshe was one of the prisoners who got shot by Goeth. This was most striking because this is when he realizes that he is alone and must survive on his own.
Passage Reading
“At last, Moonface pulled the knife away from my neck and I breathed again. To my amazement and to the amazement of the other prisoners watching us, Moonface cut a hunk off the loaf with his knife and tossed the bread to me. A murmur of surprise went through the prisoners around us, but Moonface silenced them with a glare, I nodded my thanks to the big ugly kapo and hurried away before he changed his mind and killed me.”
The protagonist is a ten-year-old Jewish boy named Yanek Gruener. He lives in Kraków, Poland with his parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. The Nazis have taken over his hometown and made it into a Jewish ghetto. After a long three years, the Nazis have captured his family and finally him.
The second protagonist is his Uncle Moshe. Yanek found Uncle Moshe at the first concentration camp he was sent to, Moshe had a big impact on Yanek’s survival, he taught him how not be noticed and blend into the crowd. He told
Yanek “from now on you have no name, no personality, no family, and no friends.”

Other Important Characters
i. Yanek made friends with Fred, another boy his age that lived in the same barracks as him. Yanek and Fred talked about their lives before the war and what kind of food they would eat if they were back home, they even found out they used to live down the road from one another. Fred made Yanek feel as though was had his life back
i. Amon Goeth is the commandant of the Plaszów Concentration Camp. Goeth would wait on one of the Jews to make a wrong move to kill them, he even sat on the second story balcony of his house overlooking the camp to shoot Jews with his rifle while he listened to music on his record player.
ii. Kapos are prisoners who were in charge of other prisoners. (This does not mean they are nice; they are still as mean as the Nazis).
iii. “Moonface” is one of the kapos. He is big and has a round face,hence the name. Moonface is one of the meanest kapos Yanek encounters.

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