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Habitat and Niche of a Sloth

No description

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Habitat and Niche of a Sloth

Habitat and Niche of a Sloth
By: Sarena Celseti
The Sloth
World's slowest mammal - so slow that algae grows on its fury coat
have either two or three long claws which help them hold on to branches
They are only the size of a medium sized dog (about 17-18 lbs) even though ancient sloths could grow to be the size of an elephant!
Habitat of Sloth
Sloths tend to be found in the northern part of South America and Central America. It is a tropical mammal and stays in the warmer regions where trees are green all year long. They hang upside down from tall trees in rainforests and may stay in the same tree for years.
Niche of Sloth
Three-toed sloths eat fruits and leaves and are therefore herbivores while two-toed sloths eat small prey such as birds and insects in addition so two-toed sloths are omnivores
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