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Florida Fishing Wildlife Conservation Commission

My day at FWC

Hannah Clayton

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Florida Fishing Wildlife Conservation Commission

Career Shadowing at Florida Fishing Wildlife Conservation Commission Mentor: Alton Still
Job Title: FWC Officer Purpose of the company:
To protect Florida's natural resources and to stop poachers and tresspassers. Where will this company be in 15 years? He thinks the company will still be here and they'll still be doing their jobs they do today. What employability skills are needed to work for this company? Be on time, wear uniform, and do your job. Average Salary: $32,000
Education needed to work here: Have to be at least 19 years old to get a job here, you need a high school diploma, and you have to take a physical test. Technology used in this job:
Computers, Cellphones, GPS, radars, and the kinds of vehicles they use are trucks, aircraft, ATVs, swampbuggies, and many different kinds of boats. Skills needed for this job:
You need to be in good shape; this job requires lots of physical activity. Once you're hired they put you through a field training program to train for the job. I think I might consider pursueing a career in this company. What I liked about this job is getting to be outdoors riding fourwheelers and seeing the wildlife. What I disliked about this job is you don't get paid much to work there. The ATV's they use Inside the truck The work trucks they use The donkeys we saw when we were riding the ATVs Alligator we saw. There were tons of them! A deer a guy had as a pet. We got to pet and feed it. A hog the guy had as a pet Us and the officers we were with
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