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PDO AU Film Production in Prague Spring 2018

No description


on 10 November 2017

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Transcript of PDO AU Film Production in Prague Spring 2018

Study abroad in
CET Film Production in Prague
Spring 2018
American University Pre-Departure Orientation
Your visa should have been submitted to CET by October 15th. Contact Kelley ASAP if you are applying for visa independently or have any questions.

Expect to receive your visa back with passport inside a few weeks before the start of the program

US citizens can travel 90 days extra on their visas in the Schengen zone

Housing & Meals
Travel in the Czech Republic & Europe
CET: Kelley Newman

AU: Sarah Harlow

CET Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Eastern Time
Who Should I Ask?

Travel Arrangements
Flight Itinerary - upload to your CET online account (by Nov. 1)
Arrival Date January 17 (depart U.S. on January 16)
Arrival Instructions to be provided
Group transfers from airport
Independent arrivals
Housing available only during program dates
What to expect?
Direct enroll courses
Core course on Film

CET Center & FAMU
Expectations for coursework
Czech academic atmosphere
Czech language
Academic/attendance policy (holidays
Do not schedule independent travel until arrival

Prague is well-connected for easy travel
Inform CET of travel plans during the program
What do you need to bring?
Electronics & computers: laptop, cell phone, chargers & adapter (220V)
Medication: OTC & prescriptions, pack enough prescription medication for whole term!
Weather in Prague: cold at the beginning, warmer at the end (layers + warm coat)
Pack smartly and lightly: small bag for weekend travel
Baggage weight limits (leave room for souvenirs!)

*See Packing Guide in CET account for tips
How to pay for things in Prague

Cell phones

Internet access

Photocopies of important documents!

Receiving mail & packages

*Review Resources in CET account
Nuts & Bolts
Health & Safety
Emergency Protocol

Street Smarts

Resources with CET
Geo Blue International Health Insurance
Sexual Assault Support and Help for Americans Abroad (SASSHA)
Cultural Norms
Culture shock

Public life vs. Private life

Personal space


Check your deadlines on the landing page of your CET online account
Check with the AU Study Abroad Office
Make sure to meet all deadlines in a timely fashion!

1. Contact bank, doctors, prepare medication
2. Keep your family informed
3. Follow CET on Instagram & Facebook
4. Check out the blog and social media
5. Meet with or contact alums
6. Read books, articles, watch films
7. Get excited!
to Depart
Preparing to Depart
Program Calendar
Prague Staff Support
January 17 Students arrive in Prague
February 2-3 Orientation trip to Český Krumlov
March 19-23 Spring break
March 30-April 1 Trip to Czech Film festival
April 6-8 Trip to Munich, Germany
May 17 Students depart Prague

Kimberly Strozewski,
Director of Prague Programs
Jiří Bukovinský
Assistant Director of Prague Programs

Tereza Vojtasíková
Resident Director CET Film
CET apartments
Fully equipped kitchens
Washing units on site
Central location - 20 min to CET Center
Meals - cook, local restaurants
Living green - electricity, reusable bags, etc
Czech buddies
What to expect?
This is a direct-enroll program at FAMU
Direct enroll courses
Classes scheduled Monday - Friday
FAMU is a film academy, not a university
Important to remain flexible with your schedule!

How will my courses be structured?
Hard to tell! Welcome to FAMU :)

Core Course on Film production
Exclusive for CET film students, but taught by FAMU faculty
Direct enroll
Course will run from late January to mid-May
Split into different modules that will help prepare you for production in late April/May

Lighting Seminar
Barrandov Studios
3-4 days, takes place during the week or during the weekend

FAMU Electives
Direct enroll
Start in mid-February
You enroll in Prague
ECTS credits (2:1 credit conversion)

Czech Language
Exclusively for CET film students, but taught by FAMU faculty and held at FAMU
CET electives
Start mid-January, held at the CET center, register in Prague (3 credits)

FAMU Curriculum Overview
What to expect from the production process ?
Production of your film does not start until late April/May
A week long Lighting Seminar
You'll only spend 2 - 4 days of actually shooting your film
You work in groups of 3-4 and each have specific role (Director, DP, editor, etc)
Graded film screening versus public film screening

Production Overview
Arrival & Orientation
Intensive Czech
FAMU Orientation Week
Česky Krumlov weekend
Film core class beings
Form working groups
Final pitching
Lighting Seminar*
Spring Break
Czech film festival trip
Film Production
Munich trip
End of core class
Begin shooting your film
Continue/finish shooting
Final screening (FAMU screening and public screening)
General outline of the semester
*You will receive more information about activities and the program calendar when you arrive in Prague

Be prepared for activities with your Czech buddies who will be living you! Activities include (hockey games, dinners, museum tours, etc)
* dates can change
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