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Sprout Technology Sandbox


andrew muia

on 1 March 2010

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Transcript of Sprout Technology Sandbox

Sprout Technology Sandbox for Who are we? We are a non profit that publicize artist as cause ambassadors as a way for them to increase their social impact from entertaining to making a contribution to a better world. To make this happen we created the website www.globalmusicproject.org to be an international collective of music fans, artists, progressive business, social activists, event promoters and others who believe in the power of music to attract, educate and inspire humanity to participate in making a better world
The Sprout here showing ludacris is a model of what we want to achieve with our content when presenting an artist that attracts, educates and inspires audiences to social impact

The tweaks we would propose would be:
- have Chipin functionality
- have the Yahoo map as reference to the artist origins
- have the music player be branded as GMP
- And artist statements towards social responsibilities and aspirations

Our goal is to have the audience begin to treat such sprouts in the same manner as sports trading cards. With the collections being based of the type of cause the artists relates to and having the self service ability of the user to embed the sprout on other sites that have the subject matter around the cause. It was a favorable discovery to realize, that Sprout Inc also makes
use of Salesforce.com. Therefore we hope to find our selves quickly getting up to speed with the Campaign Management part of your system.
the tagline is being redrafted to:
Sounding Good
Making Good
Case study of Music Allies mentions the results we are looking for too. That is :
cost effective
improved engagement

In addition to being hooked we find that Sprout Inc holds the position in our mission of being a progressive business. Therefore we would accept endorsing Sprout Inc as a sponsor that has enabled us to update how we operate. This level of technology support recognicition has the following companies participating Gigmaven, Salesforce and Microsoft
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