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International District

No description

Mariah Galvez

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of International District

Proposed Intervention
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
District 17
Strengths & Protective Factors
Windshield Survey
International District
Healthy People 2020

Why is it important?
It impacts physical, mental and social functioning
Provides individuals information on primary, secondary, and tertiary health care
Impacts life expectancy, quality of life, and prevention and management of diseases
Lack of insurance coverage, unavailability, and high costs of health care

Improve access to comprehensive, quality health care services.

Location of the Health Promotion Project
Cesar Chavez Community Center
Evidence Based Practice
Access to Health and Health Care: How Race and Ethnicity Matter
As indicated during interviews and demographic analysis
Community Issue
Common Themes in Interviews
Barriers to healthcare
Low-income households
Lack of health insurance
Non-English speaking
And/or undocumented immigrants that fear deportation
Demographics show the community assessed (within 87108) is one of the Top 12 small areas in Drug Overdose Deaths

Zip Code 87108
Presented by:
Lauren Castillo
David Corwell
Saki Chavez
Roberta Abeyta
Melissa D'Auria
Armanda Herrera
Maria Woods
Mariah Galvez
Sex and Age

Hospitalizations, by pay group
Zip code 87108 compared to state average:
•Median household income below state average.
•Foreign-born population percentage above state average.
•Renting percentage above state average.
•Number of rooms per house below state average.
•House age above state average.

Additional Facts
Estimated median household income in 2011:

Household Income

Weaknesses & Risk Factors
Unknown Payer
Other Government
Medicaid- 36%
Medicare- 27%
Private- 19%
Uninsured- 11%
Other Government- 6%
Unknown- 1%

Total 4826
Access to Affordable Healthy Food
• Ethnic and cultural foods available at Talin and
99 Banh
Business Investment and Development
• Some new businesses
• Ethnic options attract shoppers from other parts
of the city
• Since the name changed from the “War Zone”
to the International District, one business owner
claims to have seen some positive differences
Educational Facilities
• Van Buren in newer condition
• Wilson Middle School is currently being rebuilt
Green Spaces
• Although limited it does provide an area for
families and children to get outside and run and
Healthcare Access
• Many services available for low-income families (community under-utilizes these services)
• Gradually improving neighborhoods with
remodeled homes and renovations
• Some responsive landlords
Income and Wealth
• Close to Sandia National Labs, VA Hospital and Kirtland
Public Safety
• School zone speed limits with flashing lights
• Crosswalks near schools
• Neighborhood Watches and Neighborhood
Recreational Opportunities
• Pool at Wilson Park allows kids opportunities to
be active
• Cesar Chavez Community Center
Social Supports
• Many denominations of churches/places of
• Long-term residents, older residents
• Neighborhood Associations
Work Opportunities
• Many small businesses within the community
• Historical buildings
• Multicultural, diverse
• International festival

Access to Affordable Healthy Food
• The majority of residents need to travel away from their
community to access a regular grocery store
• Smaller grocery or convenience stores centered on selling
• Lack of fresh produce and healthy options
Business Investment and Development
• Many businesses are vacant and boarded up
• Wal-Mart is huge competitor and drives small and local
business away
Educational Facilities
• Since Wilson Middle School is being torn down, this could be
considered a risk factor
• There is a lot of graffiti on the building that is being torn down
Green Spaces
• Limited Green Space
• Trash/weeds in existing spaces
Healthcare Access
• Community population is predominantly lower income and
they have less access to healthcare
• Few individuals know how to access healthcare systems and
what resources are available to them
• Transient population, lack of pride in the community
• Poor maintenance from the outside
• Bars covering the windows of many buildings
• Too many apartments/dense, lower income housing
• Vacant and substandard properties
Income and Wealth
• Community averages lower income households
• There is an increased number of homeless in the community
• Panhandling at large intersections
Public Safety
• Homelessness, drugs, alcohol, and gang activity
• Poor lighting
• Perception that it is safe during the day, but not at night
• Heavy traffic on larger streets. Speed limits too high
• No bike trails/bike lanes
Recreational Opportunities
• Limited recreational activities
• Parks are under-utilized/under developed.
Social Supports
• Resources are under-utilized
• Community member stated many people do not seek out help
Work Opportunities
• Many of the jobs available are minimal wage positions
• Weed control on sidewalks, medians, other public spaces
• Lack of beautification projects

We created a flier that contained resources within the area that offer services at low to no cost
32% of the members of this community are uninsured (New Mexico Community Data Collaborative)
Mental health care, substance abuse treatment centers, primary care providers and social work
It contained the locations, phone numbers, hours of operation, services provided, and the cost of services for each clinic
English and Spanish versions of the flier were offered as we are aware that 37% of this community is Spanish speaking (New Mexico Community Data Collaborative)
We also created the flier to be understandable at a sixth grade reading level

Risks for minorities
Genetic predisposition to certain diseases
Decreased likelihood to have health insurance
A decreased likelihood to have regular primary care providers

Contributing factors to health disparities
Community settings with increased rates of substance abuse, violence, and stress

Reduction if healthcare disparities can be reduced by
Providing individuals with information about accessible healthcare, healthcare promotions, and encouraging individuals to obtain “usual primary care providers” (Richardson & Norris).

Beyond Affordability: The Impact of Non-financial Barriers on Access for Uninsured Adults in Three Diverse Communities
Barriers to seek healthcare
This study identified the number one reason why participants failed to utilize healthcare was due to high cost or lack of insurance, followed by not knowing where to access care

White alone 54% of 87108
73% of NM
Black or African American alone 2% of 87108
2% of NM
American Indian and Alaska Native alone 9% of 87108
9% of NM
Asian Alone 2% of 87108
1% of NM
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone <1% of 87108
<1% of NM
Some other races 25% of 87108
12% of NM
Two or more races 5% of 87108
3% of NM
Not Hispanic or Latino 52%% of 87108
54% of NM
Hispanic or Latino 48% of 87108
46% of NM
87108 compared to New Mexico
"To keep a person healthy is multifaceted, but this includes access to healthy food and exercise."
Health Fair April 19th
Cesar Chavez Community Center
New Mexico Veteran's Memorial Park
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