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Emily Meehan

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Explorers

Look at this wood engraved portrait of Juan Ponce de Leon Library of Congress Juan Ponce de Leon Juan Ponce de Leon was a heroic explorer!
He came from Spain and traveled across the Atlantic Ocean. He was the first European explorer to find Florida. He named it Florida because it reminded him of the King of Spain. He wanted to discover riches and claim land for Spain. Early Explorers
Learn more about Juan Ponce de Leon and Christopher Newport Juan Ponce de Leon
Christopher Newport Christopher Newport Christopher Newport was a brave explorer. He was the first European explorer to discover Jamestown, he was the captain on the Susan Constant. He was the first European to settle in Jamestown. He traveled back and forth between England and Jamestown to get supplies. On his third trip, his boat was shipwrecked. Jamestown Today.. Today, Christopher Newport has a University named after him. He was a very important explorer that people still remember today

Juan Ponce de Leon has a statue that is in Florida. The state of Florida honors him because of his exploration SOL 2.14a Describe the exploration of Columbus, de Leon, Cartier and Newport Explorers Here is the statue of de Leon
Library of Congress Check out this video to
learn more about Juan Ponce de Leon!
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