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No description

christina palmer

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of iVue

iVue A product that personally fits you Place Price Promotion PRODUCT

iVUE Home (Main Menu)
Find everything to access here:
Pictures/ Videos (HD)
Face Time (HD)
Face Recognition(Built-in camera that recognizes your face).
Logs you into personal profile instantly, and accesses your customized settings & apps
Control Functions
Smart Sensor Remote
Standard remote control
Voice Control
Controls and select TV functions by talking to your TV (Set phrase).
Gesture Control
Simply uses gestures to select any function and signature services (Set phrase).
Touch screen
The user can interact with the television by touching areas on the screen (Set phrase). Concept Test
It was rated high on the ideals of it being superior, innovative and good.

#1) Please, indicate your agreement that you intend to purchase the new product.* Set up a sales incentive program
.* Give your customers the inside scoop.
* Set up a customer rewards program.
#2) Please, indicate your agreement that you intend to try this new product.
* Store Models
* Video Tutorials
#3) Please, indicate your agreement that this new product would be convenient for you to try.
* First of all you must have all the information about your product. Tell the customer all its good points (but with confidence), and any free services available. Tell him or her if there is any guarantee of the product. Whatever you say, it should be said in an effective and attractive way. Make sure that you communicate well with the customer. Be polite and Product Compatibility
iCloud (Stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more, and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices).
iPad/iPad minio
iPod touch
Mac book/ Mac book pro/ Mac book air
Mac pro
Product mix·
The apple iVUE is secondary to iMac & Mac Pro Pros
More than one place to obtain, your iVue TV
Can obtain product faster by going to store instead of waiting for a shipment from an online order
Can buy a product from a indirect retailer such as wal-mart, and if something is wrong it can still be serviced at an Apple Store.
Not every retailer sells every apple product (I.e. the Mac book isn’t sold in all retail stores)
Some web sales on websites aren’t offered in stores
Online may have more of a variety than in-store sites
Not every store will make a big profit which may have them drop the apple product Company Consumer Direct Distribution Retailers (Walmart,Amazon,Target,etc.) Indirect Distribution Indirect Distribution (Apple store/Apple.com We plan to use Hybrid Distribution Price Product Samsung 46" Class LED $1099.99
Sony 46" Class LED 1099.99
LG Smart TV(3D/HDTV) 1199.99
Macbook Air $999
Iphone 199
Ipod Touch 299

Our Price
Apple 46" Class-LED 1080p-240 Hz $1499.83
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