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China and the Environment

No description

Tina Liu

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of China and the Environment

What changes are being made to make the environment better in China?
How is pollution affecting the daily life for Chinese citizens?
How well informed are Chinese citizens about the consequences of Pollution?
General Pollution
Local Pollution
Monday, June 06, 2016
Canadian/Chinese Freepress
What are the biggest contributor to pollution in China?
Pollution in China
How do Chinese citizens feel about the horrible environment in China?
The pollution in China are produced by many different ways

The main and probably most important one is emissions from coal - powered factories
The majority of Chinese energy comes from coal (70%), and most production in China requires coal
The other causes of pollution are deforestation. Many forests in China are being burned down
Over - Population also contributes to the polluted atmosphere. Most people use cars for transportation, especially in large cities, and this contribute to CO2 emissions and pollution

China and the Environment
Tina Liu
Shanghai, China
The main cities in China that produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere including Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Guangzhou, and Chengdu
The environment in China is getting worse and worse
The Chinese government is aware of this pollution problem; However the growth of the pollution is too fast for the government to make significant changes.
Due to the non-breathable air, many citizens have to adjust by wearing breathing masks and buying air purifiers. About 400,000 Chinese people die each year due to various respiratory diseases
Water cleaning system are also necessary, since drinking water is also polluted and is dangerous to drink
People also have to be aware when they use what kind of food they should eat because many might be polluted
People have to reduce the amount of time they spend outside to stay away from the harmful environment outside
Affects people in a specific area. One of the most common types of local pollution is contaminated water from a local factory
There is revolution in the air in China
Chinese citizens seem to be aware and there are public advertisements warning people about the environmental issue
At school, there is no evidence that teachers are teaching students about the problem, but they reduce outdoor activities during air pollution peaks
China smog : 'sky dark from air pollution' - BBC News
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