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The Joy Of Reading and Writing Superman and Me

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Michael Herron

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of The Joy Of Reading and Writing Superman and Me

The Joy Of Reading and Writing : Superman and Me
by Sherman Alexie

Protesting Popular Cultures.
The Value of Education and knowledge.
Literacy's Importance in One's Life.
Supermans Ability to Fight crime and defeat Lex Luthor (jk)

"I am smart. I am arrogant. I am trying to save our lives." This was the last quote in the narrative and it sums up the topic very well. He is saying that he's trying to save his peoples' lives, not because they are not living. They are not embracing to what they see and allowing themselves to be ignorant, and Alexie does not believe that's a life.
Do You believe the pursuit of knowledge is more important than following traditions traditions and customs?
Do you think that there are people who are alive ,but aren't actually "living" so to speak?(Because they don't fulfill their potentials or opportunities aka. a bum, a hermit, ect)
Do you think superman could actually defeat lex luthor? what about if lex luthor had some kryptonite up his sleeve?
About the author:
"I began to think of everything in the terms of paragraphs." Alexie explains how at an early age,while learning to read,he developed an understanding of the concept of a paragraph that translated into his everyday life. Paragraph was not a word in his vocabulary but the idea of it became a metaphor that he used to help him understand any subcategory of a larger group. I find this odd becuase i feel as though a child would first need to understand basic language and also the idea of grouping similar things together before they could even begin to understand written language, let alone the idea of a paragraph.
Sherman Alexie chose to travel 32 miles to a high school in which he was the only indian student attending until his twin sisters joined him later.
His first book was a poetry collection called "the business of Fancydancing" published in 1992.
He published many poems, directed films, and wrote a variety of novels, one of which is a fiction novel based on his childhood where he looks at it from a 3rd person perspective.
He was poor growing up.
Looked up to his father and wanted to read like him.
"A smart Indian is a dangerous person, widely feared and ridiculed by indians and non- indians alike". This quote stood out to me becuase it's a stereotype depriving someone of life opportunities. Because of the culture he was born into, Alexie is looked at by society as being sub-par or even subhuman, and incapable of things that regular americans are able to do naturally. It goes to show how manipulative and controlling society is, frowning upon something that is inherently good and productive because of something that is completely irrelevant. Another example of this would be telling a women she shouldn't ever learn about construction or telling a Mexican that he can never do anything other than dig holes and make tacos.

Most young teens and students in general, especially in American culture dislike schooling and reading in general and take for granted the ability to read and write. Write a paragraph or two about how you think your life would be different if you were illiterate. (Even though it's kind of oxymoron to be writing about not being able to write...lol)
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