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Flying Cars

No description

Ani Chobanian

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Flying Cars

Flying Cars
This is a flying car.
Glen Curtis ''father of flying car'' made first attempt in 1917
Used 3 wings stretching 40 feet
Never got invention to fly
Got his aluminum car to "bounce"
1947 ConVair

Made by Theodore Hall
make transportation easier
45 mpg, $1500
flew successfully for an hour
wheels fell off
1957 Aerobile
Made by Waldo waterman
1st generation flying car
Removable one piece wing
Recognized for being light and easy to fly/operate
1st flying car to be produced and fly successful
Company that makes flying cars
Founded by Carl Deitrich in 2006
Came up with 2 designs
Transiton and TF-X
Can fly without runway
Small enough to fit in garage
Carries 4 people
Plug in electric hybrid
Backup parachute
Can fly nonstop 500 miles
Asks for landing permission
5 hours of training
Ready in 12 years
The Tf-X
Needs runway to fly
Carries 2 people
foldable 10 ft wings
20 hours of flying and pilots license
Flew at 1400 ft for 8 minutes
Ready in 2015
The Transition
Air and Space
1st Flying Car
The Transition
The TF-X
Guessing game
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