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Parent ManageBac Introduction - Bogaerts International School - August 2014

An instructive introduction to the ManageBac learning platform.

Nicholas Lyddon

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Parent ManageBac Introduction - Bogaerts International School - August 2014

Bogaerts International School

ManageBac Parent Introduction
Bogaerts International School

Curriculum Access
Student Assignments & Tasks
Real-time Student Assessment Data
Student Term Reports
Communication links with teachers
Access to Students' Calendars
BIS Parents' Access to ManageBac will inlcude...
Each Class UNIT PLAN Includes:
Statement of Inquiry
Global Context
Approaches to Learning
Access to MYP Curriculum
Here's what you'll see -
BE AWARE, in the MYP -
Formative and Summative Assessments are considered
Understanding MYP Assessment Tasks
Teachers are expected to submit
into ManageBac.

Feedback can be given in a manner that is appropriate for the teacher's course.

Feedback can come in the form of comments, hand-written notes on the margins, etc.
Grades vs. Feedback
Logging Into ManageBac
Parent Home Page
The Parent Navigation Bar
Student Academics
Key Contacts
School Year 2014-2015
Assessment Data
Formative tasks can include homework, in-class assignments, etc.
Formative tasks can be assessed using MYP Criteria
Summative Tasks include larger projects and pieces of assessed student artifacts
Summative Tasks are also assessed against MYP Criteria
Home Page Includes:
Two Week Calendar
Upcoming Events or Deadlines
Other Navigation Items/Tabs Include:
Full Student Calendar
Parent Profile Information
Student Academics (Real-time Data)
Attendance / IB Parent Association
Student Academics includes:
Student Profile Details
Access to individual course data
MYP Assessment Scores
MYP Assessment Explanation
MYP Assessment Feedback
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