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Veronica by Adewale Maja-Pearce

No description

Lysandra Jorge

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Veronica by Adewale Maja-Pearce

Character Analysis
Text Analysis
Veronica by Adewale Maja-Pearce
Adewale Maja-Pearce was born in London (1953). He grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, but returned to London to complete his education and is a prominent writer within the literary world. He now lives back in Lagos.
The Story takes place in Nigeria.
The main characters are Okeke and Veronica.
Veronica had to raise brothers and sisters because she had an unstable family.
Okeke lives in the village for school.,eventually goes to university to become a doctor. He tries to convince Veronica to leave her family .
She refuses.
Ten years later, Okeke’s job brings him back to living in the village. Veronica is still living in the old hut.
She is now a mother and a wife to a man who had escaped the war from the North, but still she refuses to leave.
Another 3 years pass,her husband and children are dead. She is obviously very very sick and no one is caring for her. Okeke longs to help her but she prefers to die.When she dies, he buries her near the stream where they frequent met in their childhood.
She is the eldest child
Her father was brutal with her.
She helped in bringing up the other children
She was semi-illiterate had no qualification.
She is driven by traditional values, family values therefore she remains loyal to the family.
She resists changes in her life.
She is assigned to her fate --> fatalism.
Veronica has lost all her hope in staying alive, she had no reason to leave.
She had very low expectations in life,no ambition or goals to live for.
His family is slightly well off.
He proceeded to school when he did well and became a doctor.
He is very helpful to Veronica. He encourages her to strive for a better life.
He also came to see her when he returned to the village as a doctor.
He is ambitious as he had very high expectations in life.
He is disillusioned with Veronica’s attitude of self destruction.
Okeke believed that he would grow through the path of education and that he would have a good career after university. He believed in himself and he also believed in working hard to change his status.
Narrative technique
Cultural Issues
First person
Straight forward and simple
Importance of dialogue
Descriptions are scarce but present
Village becomes symbol of the lack of opportunity for people like Veronica
The river suggests life flowing past the village’s inhabitants
Family relationships
Men are above women
Political unrest/war
Deep-seated beliefs (fatalism)
Transforming effects of education for the lucky few
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