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Topic 10 Understanding Fractions

By: Itzia Nevarez

Miss Klinsky's Class

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Topic 10 Understanding Fractions

Benchmark Fraction : Fraction that are commonly used for estimation Understanding
Fractions numerator : the numeber above
the fraction bar in a
fraction fraction:A fraction is a symbol,such as two out of three,five out of one ,or
eight out of five ,used to name a part of a whole, a part of set ,a location on a
number line, or a division of whole numbers. Equivalent:fractions that name the same region ,part of a set,or part of a
segment. simplest form:a fraction in which the
numenator and denominator have no
common fators others than one. Denomenator:the number below the fraction bar in a fraction.the total number of equal parts in all. mixed number: a number that has a whole
number and a fraction. Improper fraction:a fration in which the
numenator is greater than or equal to the
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