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How Lord Of the Flies would be different if it were girls st

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ben lee

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of How Lord Of the Flies would be different if it were girls st

How Lord Of the Flies would be different if it were girls stranded on the island rather than boys
The girls would be petrified of the beast. The girls would be considerably more frightened of the beast than the boys. They wouldn't travel to the rocks and find out if the beast was real or not like the boys attempted to do. The beast is the girls biggest problem on the island. It was a big problem for the boys as well, especially for the litluns, but then most of the boys became viscous animals and killers. So they thought if they ever saw the beast, they would just kill it.
The boys just do some terrible and unnecessary things while they're on the island. The island has turned them into different people. They aren't human beings anymore. Jack's tribe brutally kills a pig just for the fun of it, and he puts its head on a post as a gift for the beast. Jack's tribe also steals piggy's glasses one night to make him suffer and blind. They do things out of there way to make the rest of the boys suffer and get injured or killed. And also the group purposely crushes piggy by a boulder to prove a point to Ralph's group because Ralph insisted they were going to get Piggy's glasses back. The girls wouldn't do anything that would physically or emotionally hurt somebody. They'd all work together as a group with very little fighting and arguing. There especially wouldn't be any killing or getting out of control like the boys do.
Girls would be incredibly better at organization than the boys. The boys got distracted very easily and couldn't keep on task. The girls would elect a chief just like the boys and use the conch the same way to call assemblies. But when it came to doing jobs, the girls would do it differently. There wouldn't be any hunting. They would focus on the more important things like keeping the fire going. They'd pick fruit for food like the littluns. The girls wouldn't let the fire get out of control and burn some of the forest down like the boys. The girls would be smart and effective.
The Beast
This is one of the biggest differences between the girls and the boys on the island. There was a lot of jealousy within the boys. There was constantly arguing and fighting which resulted in the group of boys splitting up into two different tribes. The one side was civilized and the other was the complete opposite.The girls would be incredibly different. The girls would be more mature and deal with conflicts astonishingly better. There would be very little jealousy. There would still be fighting and arguing but not to the boys extent. The girls would stick as a group and work as a team in trying to be rescued.
This is where the boys and the girls couldn't get anymore different. The boys become viscous savages throughout the book.They end up murdering two innocent boys from the group. They don't care about being rescued anymore. They just kill for the fun of it. They try to be different people and hide who they really are by putting face paint on and wearing practically nothing. The girls on the other hand would be peaceful. They wouldn't get out of hand like the boys. They wouldn't get violent or do anything that would injure or hurt somebody. They would continue being civilized and they'd keep finding new strategic ways in getting a better chance in being rescued.
The boys are incredibly lucky because they end up getting rescued by a U.S. Navy boat at the end of the book. the only reason the boat came to the island was because they so smoke from an uncontrollable forest fire that the boys had started. But if it were girls stranded on the island instead of boys, then they would get rescued much earlier. They wouldn't have been wasting their time hunting and with all the conflict that the boys had going on. The girls would be a lot like Piggy. They would be intelligent and make the right decisions as a group.
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