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Students4webES conference presentation

No description

Emma Procter-Legg

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Students4webES conference presentation

Support from SMT and JISC RSC SE
Google Site
Project Manager and Leader
Support from Professional Futures Team
Enthusiasm of Core student group Develop employability skills for L3 students in relation to using video conferencing and webinars.

Train a core group of students to use video conferencing and to set up and run 7-15 short webinars with employers around the theme of ‘What does an employer want from an employee?” Student webinar skills = employability Professionally valuable skill
21st century – interviews, meetings, education
Reliability, time management, team work, cascade learning Digital employability skills for the 21st century ellen.lessner@abingdon-witney.ac.uk Ellen Lessner, e-Learning Coordinator
Emma Procter-Legg, Project Manager Students for Webinar Employment Skills
Student4WebES Employers
Kelly Boast (Head of Staff Services)

Dave Rolls (Manager)
White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre
Jesse Scharf (Student Switch Off Project Officer) Rosie Sherry (Head of People Development)
Science and Technology Facilities Council, Harwell
Linda Phillips (Section Manager Personnel)
Waitrose, Abingdon
Lee Baker (Audit Manager, Training and Recruitment)
Wenn Townsend Chartered Accountants, Oxford Project outputs: 8 student run webinars Blog and website Introduction and advanced webinar skills resources Video of key employer points Student produced guide to webinars Student Core Group Abi Head Mompoloki Makuku Ben Robb Armna Sarwar Aaron Scott Abeygail Walton
Alice Walker (Head Therapist)
Lygon Arms Spa Mamps How webinars help my business

Grand Artistique (Pty) Ltd. Thank you! http://students4webes.blogspot.co.uk/ https://sites.google.com/site/students4webes/
Andrew Leadbitter (Consultant Solicitor)
Morgan Cole Solicitors, Oxford Professional Futures Progamme 6 month project JISC Learner Experience Projects 2005-10 Digital Literacy Induction for new students A student centred guide to running a webinar.

Recordings of employer webinars (with full consent from employer) for use by other students.

A student led conference, supported by the JISC RSC SE, on the theme of employability skills using video conferencing and webinars. Our aims were to: Background To hear more come along to our
workshop session
at 14:20
and pick up a
free poster! Outside funding from JISC - made this possible A chance to try out the idea Key factors - dedicated time to run the project
and software and training support 1 of only 3 projects in the South East Aaron Why I joined the project

How I dealt with the technology

How the project has help me Ben Why I joined the project
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