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Dot.com Businesses

No description

Owen Marshall

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Dot.com Businesses

Dot.com businesses A presentation by Owen Marshall The popularity of Dot.com businesses has been
increasing rapidly over the past 2 decades. But will it last? Or will the trend just fade away... Well, lets find out. First lets look at some very succesful online businesses. Facebook is a very popular social networking website.
Facebook has 300 million regular users around the world.
Facebook is now a 200 million dollar business.
Are they here to stay?

Last year Amazon.com sold a total of 1.12 billion dollars worth of goods.
Amazon is America's largest online retailer.
Amazon sells a huge variety of items. Google Started as a search engine and expanded very rapidly.
Google has many different operations such as google earth and G-mail.
Last year google made 6.52 billion dollars.
Google is the most used search engine on the web.
This is a secret message. But, when there's success, theres got to be failure. Now you'll see some unsuccessful online businesses. Go.com is a website backed by the walt disney corperation
It is an online "mall" where search engines help you find what you're looking for
They were beat out by yahoo which offered more content, friendlier style and more costumer incentives. eToys was an online toy retailer
they started off nicely
They filed for bankruptcy in 2001 But then there are those people who just get lucky. Doggles makes goggles for dogs and sells them on the internet
They somehow have managed to become millionares
They also make dog t shirts flotation devices and various other useless junk for dogs Antenna Balls makes those balls that sit on top of car antennas
They sell a variety of designs over their website
Somehow they've made a LOT of money These Businesses are successful
because they saw the trend,
and jumped on it. Now the owners of these companies are raking in cash like its nobodys business. Positives Dating Positives dating is a dating website for people who are HIV positives
Theres nothing else i can really say about that
Their sales in 2006 were 110 thousand.
By their two year mark in the business they already had 50000 members.
Just looking at the last businesses, you can't help but wonder how something so stupid like Doggles made more money than something perfectly reasonable like eToys. I guess thats the risk with online businesses. You never can predict exactly what will happen. But because so many people use the internet now, it can be a very profitable business venture, So remember, before you start an online business,
think to yourself. Is it worth the risk? and I'm sure that the popularity of this business trend is just at its base. I imagine that in the near future, it's popularity will only increase.
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