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Welcome To Georgia

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on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Welcome To Georgia

The Coca-Cola company
Economy Of Georgia
SOMEDAY IN 2014!!!
Political Location
Historic Location
Geographic Location
The church of Martin Luther King Jr. is in his home town of Atlanta Georgia. His grave is surrounded by water so people will not come and touch. It is like a little bathtub. In memory of him he has his own street in Georgia and Denver!!

The word ''Chattahoochee'' mean's River Of Painted Rocks. The Chattahoochee river is the oldest and stablest river within the USA. The Chattahoochee river gives 70% of the water and other supplies to Atlanta.
Did you know that he is 71 years old nathan deal is a Republican . nathan deal Grew up in Gainesville, Goregia.
Welcome to the Georgia State Capitol! This building has been in use for 125 years. This marvelous building is in Atlanta, GA. It is very expensive.
1. State Fish Large Mouth Bass
2.It is illegal to wear a hat in the movie theater
3. State Capitol is Atlanta
4. State abbreviation is GA
5. State nickname is The Peach State.
6. Georgia's main crop is Peanuts they produce 2.1
Billion peanuts a year
7. State Bird Brown thrasher
8. State Flower Rosa Iaevigata
9. Georgia is known for it's peaches
10.MLK Born and raised in Atlanta
In Georgia, The money maker crop of state are peanuts. If you go to a baseball game most of the peanuts that you can buy from the stands and most likley to be from Georgia. They also grow peaches. From all of these crops they bring in millions of dollars for the state each year!!!!
Dexter Baptist Church
Chattahoochee River
Nathan Deal
Georgia State Capitol
Welcome To Georgia
Economic Location
This is the Coca-Cola company!! The
''Coke'' company was created in 1896
by Dr. Pemberton. The first factory was opened in 1919. Coca Cola business first place for wealth from there product is the USA!!!!!
Atlanta Falcons (NFL)
Atlanta Braves (MLB)
Atlanta Hawks (NBA)
Georgia Bulldogs (NCAA)
Fun Facts
Georgia Dome
This Dome is only 22 years old. This dome can hold 74,228 people includling the players. It is home to the Atlanta Falcons!!!

( Picture of Falcons Logo upbove )
Political maps show...
Counties,States and countries
and the population of
Economic maps shows...
The economy in places
and what they get money
Geographic maps show...
States or cities geographic
Georgia's History

1498- Some explorer discovers Georgia. John Cabot.

1968- MLKJR assinated in Memphis,Ten
from Georgia.

1995- Atlanta Braves win World Series.
Long Beard
Georgia has almost 8 million acres of land to fill there whole state. 60% of the land is covered with pine forests. This state produces the most lumber on the east Mississippi side. The total miles of the state reaches up too 70,150 miles!!!

Road Trip Distance!!!
CocaCola factory to dexter baptist cherch
=4 miles. dexter babtist church to Chattahoochee river is 82 miles. Chattahoochee river to georgia dome 81 miles. Georgia Dome to governors mansion is 1 mile. Governors mansion to wce is 1,400 miles. Total road trip distance is 37,195,200
Thanks for watching
Do the Harlem Shake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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