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Diana Reyes

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of ashley

20th Century
At the beginnig of the 20th century girls had to act a certain way. They needed to be clean and quiet when they sat down. They had to walk at a slow pace and talk courteously in a low voice. Girls were unabe to play sports. Playing sports as a girl was inappropiate.
Amelia was asmart girl.She was skinny and athletic. Her sister Muriel,who was two years younger than Amelia, was also very athletic and enjoyed playing sports with her sister. Amelia and Muriel were very good friends. Amelia and her sister would always get judged by other girls because they played sports.Both Amelia and her sister ignored the other girls and continued playing sports.
Amelia had not seen another airplane for about 4 years and had never thought of flying a plane. She continued to be a good student in school. She loved to read and would spend hours at the library. When Amelia finished high school she went to a college close to Philadelphia. During that time, Muriel had attended a school at Toronto,Canada. When Amelia went to visit Muriel she quit college to take care of the hurt slodiers in World War 1.
When Amelia was 6 years old she had been enrolled at College Preparatory School. She was a very good student and had learned very quickly. When Amelia finished 5th grade in 1908, she moved to Des Moines,Iowa to live with her parents. In her first year living in Des Moines she had seen an airplane for the first time at the fair. Amelia was not impressed by the airplane. She had said it was just an object made out out wood.
Thank you!
Amelia Earhart was born in July 24,1897 in Atchison, Kansas.
Amelia Earhart
written by:Francene Sabin

When Amelia was 22 years old she had went to an airport with her friend. It had been years since she had seen a plane fly. Amelia was fascinated about how the airplanes were better constructed and they went faster.Amelia had told herself she was to learn how to fly an airplane. Two years later,she had met Frank Hawks. He was a pilot who let Amelia fly a plane for the first time.
Amelia Earhart
In 1922, Amelia got her aviator license. She was 25 years old when she got her first airplane. She was the first lady to go through the Alantic ocean alone. Amelia set her goal to be the first person to travel around the world.
Amelia and Fred Noonan departed on June 1,1937 in Miami,Florida to travel around the world. They flew to Puerto Rico and South America. They then flew to the South Atlantic to Africa.A week later they went to India, Birmania, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and New Guinea.In July 2nd they were on their way to Howland. Howland was a small island. Amelia and Fred knew it was going to be difficult to find the small island in the big ocean. Amelia and Fred never made it to the island. They sent planes and boats to find both pilots,but they did not find the plane or the pilots bodies.
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