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in the money

No description

erika steinger

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of in the money

in the money
in the money
unit eq: How can teens earn money, manage it, and make it multiply?
lesson eq: Why is gambling so dangerous?
in the money
Caught in gambling's grip- What? How? Why? Form your own questions.
in the money
caught in gambling's grip
in the money
Vocabulary target word
in the money
react and write
Do Now: Respond to the following prompts in your journal.

Imagine that you are at a casino with your friends and decide to join in on the gambling. You bet $10 on the blackjack table and win your first hand. Do you play again or walk away? Why?

Imagine that you lost your first hand. Do you play again or walk away? Why?
Lisa Hoffman stands by the casino near Moscow, Idaho, where she lost more than $1,000.
How did Lisa become caught in gambling's grip?
Oral Cloze
Be prepared to tell what the article is mostly about!

This article is mostly about...
credible (adjective)
A credible excuse for being late to school is...
What signs can you look for to tell if someone's story is credible or not?
A lot of people get in trouble because of gambling. Should gambling be legal? Why or why not?
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