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fossil fuels

No description

jamesh21 heathcote

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of fossil fuels

That turns the turbine, Our world is running out of Fossil Fuels....

We will not be able to rely on these fuels forever...

We need to stop using these and start to use renewable energy.....before it's to late. There are three main fossil fuels, natural gas, coal & oil. Natural gas is the least used. Coal is used the most but it will only last about 45 years, Unless we do something......... Or we could just use solar panels! Lately scientists have been thinking about other
energy sources. With fossil fuels slowly running out,
our world could be in crisis. I decided I would think up a few alternative ideas, Here they are.... There are lots of ways you could capture and create energy. One of my first ideas was lightning. You could capture the electricity from the bolt and use it the same way as solar energy. The sun gives off lots & lots of heat, That powers the generator, That creates powerful electricity, This is the way solar panels work, The panels capture the suns energy, Which heats the water that lets off steam, That powers our homes!!! Another way would be dangerous but it might be worth it, you could place a turbine on top of an active volcano and let the smoke spin the turbine. Using the same principle you could put a turbine on top of a factory and use the burning fossil fuels' smoke to turn the turbine. I hope you have been inspired to help the environment and stop using fossil fuels after watching this!

Made by James! Ideas This last idea is my favorite. It could supply mankind with electricity forever. Here it is............. You could start off with a solar panel to get a bit of electricity. Then half goes towards heating the water and the other half you use in your house.
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