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How To Use Prezi

This is a tutorial on how to use Prezi. To advance from frame to frame, use either the space bar, the down/right arrow key, or click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen. To go back a slide, use the up/left arrow key.

megan kaplan

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of How To Use Prezi

6. Using Different Frames
Good Luck!
10. Make Sure Prezi Works For You, Not The Other Way Around
3. Try NOT to Make Your Viewers Sea-Sick
8. Battling Your Ambition
9. Little Things
7. Consistency Is Key
How To Use Prezi
A good prezi is fresh, new and captures the attention of your audience.
It's hard to make a good impression with PowerPoint...
But that is only because people are so familiar with it!
Winging It
It is really hard to create a prezi as you go along, and you may end up frustrated.
Planning Ahead Is Key To Success
Plan and create the structure for the whole project first, then fill in the details afterwords.
Prezi will capture the attention of the viewer much easier, and is likely to keep their interest.
1. Create Your Prezi's Structure First
2. Choose Your Color Scheme
Prezi has various color schemes which dictate the look of the whole presentation. The fonts, color of the canvas, and color of the text are all in sets and can't be mixed.
It is important to pick your theme early and stick to it. if you change it later you will end up re-positioning, re-sizing everything.
The theme you choose can make your presentation have a completely different feel, and even be inappropriate.
Go from
Slide A
Slide B
Slide C
Then Finally To:
Slide D
Organize your project in a smooth, consistent manner. Don't add unnecessary swoops, spins, twirls, or random changes of perspective.
This is a good example:
Not too much movement, and your viewers won't feel like they need to look away!
4. Understanding Scale
What Prezi Does
Prezi's canvas is almost unlimited in size, and has all kinds of possibilities. When you click on something, it automatically fills the screen.
What that means:
You can have your text, pictures, graphics, and videos HUGE..
... or really tiny!
5. Prezi & Images
What Is Wrong With A JPEG?
Prezi hates JPEGs. If you use a JPEG, it will look grainy and very low quality.
Why Use A PDF File?
For whatever reason, PDFs tend to work really well on Prezi.
PDFs have a very clear image.
How Do I Convert To PDF From A JPEG?
You can convert a JPEG to a PDF by using this website:

All your pictures will fill the screen when Prezi zooms in on them.
What Are Frames?
Frames are how you control what the viewer sees, and how close up they see it.
You can use visible frames or hidden frames.
Examples of frames:
The best way to keep your Prezi consistent, is to use the same individual colors for titles, subtitles and regular text. Also use the same format for paragraphs.

(For example: all of the paragraphs in this prezi have been aligned center, and in the same type.)
By: Megan Kaplan
Choose A Template!
The very first thing you will come across will be choosing a template, which you cannot change unless you want to create a completely new presentation.
Your Biggest Enemy:
Because Prezi is new, fun, intriguing, and capable of all sorts of things..
It will be very tempting to put everything you can into one Prezi.
Less Is More
You don't need to use Prezi's full capabilities on every project. Pick and choose what is appropriate for the specific Prezi you are making.
When you type a URL in Prezi, it will not be able to be clicked right away.
The URL will become a hyperlink when you save your Prezi, exit it, and reopen your presentation.
Moving Multiple Things
By pressing the shift key and then highlighting what you want to move, you can move multiple things at once without their spacing becoming messed up.
(Doing this saves a lot of time!)
You can upload a video file from your computer, or type the link from a YouTube video into a text box and it will appear like magic!

Turns to this:
(The URL is spaced on purpose) ->
Spend some time with Prezi, learn it, and then only use it if it works for you. It's good to try new things!
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